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  • Actually at my new place. Almost anywhere in the city you're right up on your neighbors! I used to live in Bay View and have some friends there. Used to watch the fireworks from South Shore Park. Great view, no crowds... You a lifer or a transplant?
    Hey Mic - I was living in Riverwest but I have just moved to the near Wauwatosa area.
    I love your username and avatar!! I've meant to comment on it before, but I always forget. AtDI is one of my all time favorites! I assume the answer is yes, but have you heard the Grand Royal re-release of Relationship of Command with the two extra tracks? They are some of my favorite AtDI songs.
    Hey Man- Milwaukee in the House! I just ran acrsoss your mockups threads and wanted to shoot you a message. I've started building guitars and have been thinking about a Tele 7. Maybe with a Floyd. Maybe a Les Paul too. I was thinking maybe you could help me mock something up? Shoot me a PM. We could get together and have coffee and shit. Or something.
    Hey man, I saw that thread with your mockups of those teles and strats and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind making me a mockup or two? :wub:
    I'll try and get something done for you dude, but the second half is pretty much free-time, so it won't be that fun to transcribe accurately!
    Just have to say, I approve of your username.
    At the Drive In for the fucking win:hbang:
    Yep, I'm up in Port Washington. I read somewhere you're in Bayview? My grandma lives there, right off of Kinnickinnic on Rusk Ave. Every time I vist with the family I see like 5 guitar shops on KK and I always want to stop, but we never do.
    I got your message (that you also live in the Milwaukee metro area). VERY cool! It's too bad that the local area has jack for 7 & 8-string stuff.
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