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  • Hey man, Tokyo was fun. It was kind of enlightening in terms of seeing my friends and they are in their new working life, learning about the work life in Japan. Working in Asia looks bloody brutal to say the least! I was mainly in Tokyo but I did get to go to Shikoku and Kansai a bit.

    Sounds good man. I picked up a RG7621 while I was there, but I might sell it. It's good and I would like to mod it but I have something big coming and I'm trying to recuperate my money back together.
    I'm just going to continue this conversation here since I don't want to clutter your sale thread and suffer the wrath of the mods!

    ""Oh yes, I know Ochanomizu well - this will be the 6th time I've been! A few guitars have been bought between myself and my friends:


    We land on the 14th and head home on the 25th. You gonna be about at all during that point?""

    I've picked up an Ibanez S540 from Ochanomizu and it's absolutely rad. Maybe I can find something this year as well haha!

    I'm in Tokyo from the 22nd March to 10th April so unfortunately we won't be able to meet up. Maybe at a TCPiG show in the future haha!
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