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  • yes i did. flame maple on the body, and i have enough to do the headstock also. i have all black hardware for it too, new black tuners, black pickgaurd, black knobs, going to use black screws for everything. and im going to use the stew mac concentrated liquid stain. ill link you to a guys guitar he did the same thing with the finish... yes the neck is going to be red tung oil also. i can use wipe on poly after tung oil if i wont to build a high gloss finish =D.... 10 minutes of searching i found it... here ya go BBS :: View topic - Second Bolt complete (almost)

    mines going to be darker than that though

    heres a tung oil dyed neck

    help me with how to do my heel and neck on the guitar, ill take a picture of it... its hard to explain the look, but show me a picture of what i should do =D ... the neck i think is a set in neck... and the body sticks out about 1/4 inch
    most people arent a fan of that design until they see it in person...something about the way its cut i think...its probably one of the best playing guitars ive ever had a chance to play, and polycarbon doesnt make up the entire neck...the neck is basswood, the body is one solid piece of curly maple, and there's a few layers of the carbon stuff on the back and the fretboard is polycarbon, as you said....

    and black poison wood? thats awesome, i cant wait to see what it looks like
    its yes, engl is the shit...its not for everyone though, especially the powerball or the SE....i love super compressed tone though, so its right up my alley
    hey... i like the veneer idea.... it would seem to be alot easier... and look better.... but what about the neck..... o ya im the guy that posted the flying v 7
    Weird... my phone has been calling a bunch of people today. People called me back and they were like what do you want? :lol:
    No problemo,
    the fingerings for the E Minor arps at the beginning are off but the rest is pretty close.
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