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  • Sorry dude, but I'm gonna have to give tonight a miss. I've got a terrible flu and can't even get out of the house. It's killing me that I was really looking forward to Trash tonight. :(

    Destroy the place for me. :hbang:
    It was awesome, I recommend it to everyone. I even bought back a few things.

    Hopefully I'm free that day and not gigging, tired or both. We really need to catch up, and gotta meet the House of Thumbs guys too. I'll try to bring Harry along for the ride as well. :hbang:
    I just noticed that you and Jake are on the same bill on Trash next month. Awesome! :metal:. I'll see if I can make it hopefully...
    Still in Japan. And still trying out a truckload of gear. Just went past Ochanomizu - the greatest place for musicians (and the worst for their bank accounts) :lol: and I've found a good deal on a white 1527m that I've been planning on.

    Seriously there's some awesome bargains here. Saw a K7 for 900 bucks and some awesome Schecters and Japanese Fenders that are only exclusive to Japan.

    You gotta come here (and if possible, tour here).
    Dude, I sincerely apologise for last Friday. You guys were awesome, and I hope Steve Skibnoy sorted your money out. Our set was terrible and I felt bad that we didn't play our best that night. That reflected my mood as well so I'm sorry you witnessed all of that.

    Next time we do this again, we do it properly. We promise you that.
    Yeah, really looking forward to it. Arthouse is a little special to me... it's where I had my first ever gig. :lol: Now our bands can destroy the place! :evil:
    No worries dude. I really wanted to see you guys live so I'm glad I did. :hbang:

    We've got a few unconfirmed gigs at the moment around early April and mid May (not in between because I'm going overseas during then), so we'll let you know.
    Sweet stuff. That'll be awesome. I'll speak to my drummer and singer about you guys for a possible sharing bill. ATM we haven't got anything set in stone yet, but I've still got you guys in mind. :yesway:

    I'll show them your myspace account.
    Dude, glad that you came the other night, it was awesome to meet ya. :metal:

    Please keep me updated on the band situation, it would be amazing for our bands to share the bill and rock the stage. :hbang:
    Awesome dude! And glad you like my band. Unfortunately I have no idea who else is on the bill, though I'm assuming it's based on Hard Rock/Metal, because it's kinda like a gateway to other venues like Bang and Next (same organisers).

    I'm hoping Harry and Alien DNA and others can come as well, looking forward to get a few of us SS forumites together. :hbang:

    See you Wednesday! :yesway:
    South Yarra, sweet stuff!

    I'd thought I'd invite you then: if you're free on Wed Dec-9, one of my bands are playing at Revolver Upstairs on 10:30.

    More details here:

    4Arm on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

    Hope to see you. :wavey:
    Heres a Link to musicians friend that might be helpful. It's saying the 25K is good for Active Pickups.

    Buy Ernie Ball VP Junior 25K Active Volume Pedal | Volume & Expression | Musician's Friend
    My case for my G-System is a Angstrom Cases. I got it off there eBay store but last
    I looked they weren't really posting much of there inventory.

    I use EBMM VP JR's for my Volume and Expression Pedals.
    Please excuse my impoliteness to ask earlier (plus a formal thanks for the friends request too)... :D

    ...where abouts in Melb are you based?
    big fuckin cheers for the friend request btw bloke...horns high to ya!!!
    thanx for the kind words about my band......we are recording at the moment so no gigs are planned, just concentrating on doing the best we can for a killer result!!!
    yeah im 7 string all the way.....the singer/rhythm player prefers his 6 string esp but im an ibby uv player all the way!!! got an uv7bk,uv777bk and just recently scored a sick uvgr......
    rock on bro
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