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  • Hey, sorry for my late response, i wasn't logged in for a long time. All i can say is that neck of the AW-7 is very comfortable and playability is very nice. I haven't played the Schecter SLS but i've played the Ibanez 2127z which has 26.5" scale...i didn't notice that much of a difference in playability (referring to scale length) but my hands aren't that small, maybe its because of that. However, i chose the AW-7 out of a lot of guitars because i liked almost everything about its, the playability, the sound, and the design (i think schecter ruins the awesome look of the ebony fretboard with this skull inlays)
    Hey, hands down, go for the AW7, the neck is a lot more friendly to those with small hands
    Yeah, it will likely get rid of that problem. I would suggest the EMTY blackouts. Much tighter than the AHB-1, and they cut through a little better too.
    I recommend the Schecter above the LTD. The AW-7 is good, but it is very dark tonally. The SLS C-7 is a balanced sounding guitar, and the stock duncans are phenomenal(in both the passive and active versions).

    The 26.5" scale puts it above the competition. Which SLS C-7 are you looking into?
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