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  • Couldn't tell ya! He did make a post on the 12th, and he helped Tim out with a chat-related matter around then - probably just too busy with life to be on the forums. 'Tis the season after all.
    Aww, that's very kind of ya! But I ain't gonna lie, I don't see it getting better than the Gravity picks!

    Damn I think 72 picks could last me a lifetime. What gauge do you use?
    Ah, say no more. When I was making the decision to buy the picks I was actually in metronome mode too! Hell, if anything I still am haha. But having a high quality, thick, and grip-y pick really helps man.

    But regarding these higher end picks, I just don't know if I'd be able to justify the cost. For the $35 you could buy several different Gravity picks including the shipping! I say try the cheaper picks first and if they really aren't working then move on up to the higher end stuff.
    I love em! I bought three 2 mm Sunrises (mini size) with the elliptical holes in em and they really do make a difference in the comfort and grip. I got these particular ones because I used to use Jazz III and since I love that size I stuck with it. As for durability I have noticed that the bevels NEAR the tip are getting worn down. NOT the actual tip. This comes after playing pretty much daily for several hours per day. So I guess that's normal?

    When it comes to cost though, they definitely ain't cheap especially after options, taxes, and shipping. So you really wanna be sure that a pick is something worth spending money on before you hit the buy button.

    But as a bonus, they threw in a free 3 mm one as well :)
    I'm kind of mixed on the Evo2. I actually think it sounds better than an Evo for rhythm, but I prefer the regular Evo for leads. I'm going to try some other pickups, I have a PAF pro sitting here ready to go in next time I change strings. I really want to try a Gravity Storm in it also.
    So glad to read you again!
    I checked and you were missing from May. :(
    Hope everything is alright and good luck with your moving :)

    Book must be really cool :)
    I only play Summer Song and Surfin :lol:
    I can't send to mind Satch Boogie for the life of me LMAO
    Hi, it depends if you use the radial deviation or pronosupination, the radial deviation always tense a bit your biceps/triceps because it shares common muscles with the forearm flexion/extension, ultimately you might want to be totally relaxed but ... it's not an issue if you tense a bit when building your speed, it depends on the way you build it. I can't explain this here, need to make some vids etc, I'll inform the community when it's available..
    No, no. Don´t throw it out before you try it. If it plays amazing you won´t care, trust me. My S was the first decent guitar I had. I worked my ass off over an entire summer to afford it. When I went to the store with the money options were limited and I was set on an RG. But then I tried this thing and I could´t care less about the purple. I totally chose it based on the sound. If it resonates well unplugged and does´t have any cosmetic flaws and is comfortable who cares how it looks. You aren´t going to be playing it in a mirror. :D I just play what feels right to me. I have a preference, but I have been surprised quite often.
    That guitar is stunning. But then you know... I love guitars. I like most of them. Not all play nice but most look really good. Hahahahah.
    Oh Man. No I am sorry. A nice dude from another forum came home and picked it up for his brother. It was a damn nice guitar. i actually miss it a lot. But I always keep two guitars in rotation kind of so I could´t afford to keep it since I didn´t want to part with my Caparison. Hahaha. But if you find one, I can say now despite form, thickness and comfort differences, the tone of both mahogany guitars is very similar if you have a set of pups you prefer. Good luck!
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