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  • It's easy to come to quick, sometimes wrong conclusions from a post, innit?
    Though some mature dialogue can puck back things into place ;) :yesway:
    OMG I didn't realize it was that many! 3 OAFs, what else? Also I just noticed my phone autocorrected Oni to Onion...
    It's a reference from a classic of the noodle western film genre, Tampopo. Two wandering truck drivers transform a widow's restaurant from a pathetic hole in the wall to a world-class ramen joint. A series of vignettes interwoven within the hyperplot examine the relationship between life, death, and food. During the widow's training, Goro, one of the truckers, takes her to a ramen stand at the train station to show the efficiency and noodle business prowess of a true noodle master. As customers flock in during rush hour, the cook busies while patrons shout out their orders. When asked to recall a series of orders, Tampopo, the widow, states, "The dumplings guy gets served before Mr. Big Noodles."

    Tampopo - ramen master - YouTube
    Tampopo - Crazy old Lady - YouTube
    Tampopo (1985) - Death of a G - YouTube
    I have no idea what this is but it's Japanese.

    Yes she is. :wub: And that voice... :eek: Yeah, many would assume she was Japanese as her popularity grew due to her Japanese output.
    You are a bad man! Here's a big neg rep for your racist American pig-dog self, you racist American pig-dog!

    upcoming in stock, if someone gets to it soon enough, probably have say if finish, you should hit him up though, might be able to work with the price but not too sure
    I actually have three designs, a seven, and eight, and the already infamous ten :lol:
    Thanks for the insight, and I hope I didn't offend! Just putting some ideas out there. Cheers
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