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Dec 28, 2008
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Extended Ranger, from California

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Jul 22, 2019 at 2:22 AM
    1. Stealthdjentstic
      Good lord :lol:

      I feel you on the rationalization thing, ever since my back got all screwey I've decided to spend all the money I would have spent on my gym membership, supplements etc... on gear. Also its totally true about the hobby thing, if you think about even "expensive" guitars are dirt cheap compared things like flutes and violins.
    2. Stealthdjentstic
      Whats on order? I've lost count now.
    3. Stealthdjentstic
      Stop buying all the guitars I GAS for, not helping!
    4. Stealthdjentstic
    5. Stealthdjentstic
      Hey man, IIRC you have a strictly 7? How do you like it?
    6. Winspear
      Any news on your OAF? :)
    7. clouds
      Thankyou so much!
    8. clouds
      Holy shit, who's in your avatar? I swear it was from an old SNES game I used to have which I've been trying to remember the name of for years.
    9. Skin Coffin
      Skin Coffin
      Thanks, dude! It's from a song by Psycroptic ;) which is really awesome, btw \m/
    10. scherzo1928
      That "shadow" only appears near autumn, and when they play at 17:00 local time, lol. Great coincidence it was brought up on the only week of the year it shows itself...
    11. Nights_Blood
      Hey, I didn't wanna derail John's thread, but i'm curious about the Apogee duet. What made you choose it? I know the Apogee stuff has a great reputation, but for a similar price new, a MOTU 8pre has 8 inputs, 16 channels, and MIDI i/o, or used, there's the 828 i mentioned. I'm fairly new to buying audio interfaces, so i'm sure there's something i'm missing, but $500 for 2 channels doesn't make sense to me? Are the A/D converters that much better?


    12. TomAwesome
    13. george galatis
      george galatis
      thank you for the comment ;) (bout the ibby)
    14. Xiphos68
      hey man i hear you have a 36 fret 7 string by Gary Kramer. How do you like it? Is it worth the price tell me everything? Please?
    15. Guitar Nymph
      Guitar Nymph
      :hbang: Glad to see someone else that can appreciate pink guitars here!!
      I'll remember you if I ever need to part with one of mine ^^
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    Primary Seven:
    Gary Kramer F-1 prototype
    Real Name:
    Primary ERG:
    Rico Jr 828
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Rico Jr 727, Carvin DC727 hardtail, Gary Kramer F-1
    Other Guitars:
    Agile Intrepid, 2 custom Warmoth, old US Kramer Pacer Custom, Intrepid 828, Interceptor 827
    Pod 2.0, Trademark 60
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    Logic, Apogee Duet
    Getting my chops back up to speed...

    Trying to learn to build guitars!
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