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  • Hey dude, I left you a PM about your Grainger guitars..just messaging here in case you have your notifications turned off. Thanks!
    Ouch, a year already. Bubinga for the bobbins--to match the body?

    Fast guitars...aptly named. :)
    How are those Jahn/Fast builds coming? Any news yet?

    That 8 string explorer gives me a reason to like PME lol
    You're welcome. For what he charges his work should be immaculate. And it's not. You deserve a better deal for something that can be seen a thousand miles away!
    Hey, namesake buddy. Did Julius ever address the frets on your build? He just kinda went all ghosty from that thread and I hate to see someone who charges full custom shop prices putting out bedroom builds for people. I hope he's cutting you a deal on that.
    Hey man, if you're into John Oliver, definitely check out the Bugle podcast, it's a satirical take on current affairs and besides the wittiness and clever wordplay a really great critique of the global economy. He does it with Andy Zaltzman every 2 weeks or so.
    :lol: The Argument Clinic is one of my favorites. I probably do parts of that on a weekly basis. And I get a lot of blank stares from people, but every once in a while a knowing soul will smile and play along.
    Oldest (daughter) is 10-1/2. She's seen the Ministry of Silly Walks, Argument Clinic, Dead Parrot, Spam, Elderly Gentlemen (... at least you had a box ... wake-up an half an hour before I went to bed ...) sketches. She understands. There's other great stuff, but she needs to be older before she see them.

    I knew I was in trouble two years ago when she realized that the actor that did the voice of Hiccup in "How to Train Your Dragon" was the same as the apprentice in "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" and she started mixing lines from the two movies.

    The four of us were absolutely rolling in a restaurant one night because she did the "Doth Mother know you weareth her drapes?" like from The Avengers in a Daffy Duck voice. Then we all started substituting Looney Toons characters for the Avengers. When we got to Tweety Bird as the Hulk, we all lost it.
    I wish I had the eggnog to blame. It started yesterday because there was a bell ringer that looked like Tommy Chong, and that damn "Mamamasita, donde esta Santa Cleese... The vato wit da Bony knees... He comin' down da street wit no choos on his feet..." has been stuck in my head. Then I had the perfect opportunity for the "Yeah man. I played with those dudes." line, and some other Ye Olde Farte actually got it.
    "Mamamasita, donde esta Santa Cleese... The vecto wit da
    Bony knees... He comin' down da street wit no choos on his feet... And he's
    Going to... " No, no, that's ain't it... "Mamamasita, donde esta Santa
    Claus... Da guy wit da hair on his jaws... He's... " Nah. Hey, man, come
    Over here, man. I need some help, man.
    Hey, were you ever able to find an acoustic string suitable for the Agile Renaissance ? I'm thinking of snapping one up but I'm really trying to avoid buzzing on the low string, being unplugged and all. Or were you able to alleviate the buzzing with the .078 on there? Thanks
    oh was in the eBay thread. also just thought it's generally kind of amusing :lol:
    lol sorry. your 1% crazy people post. but now I can't remember which damn thread that was in :lol:
    it's technically the Crazification Factor, but this is why you should always assume 27% :lol:

    Kung Fu Monkey: Lunch Discussions #145: The Crazification Factor
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