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  • sorry put this on the wrong place:
    The B-Stock unit I got for my brother cause he wanted one cheap. I had a standard and wanted an ultra but thought it would be better to get another standard but i changed my mind so I just got an ultra since they had a 20% off now i have 1 new one used. Yes It was dumb I should have just gotten the ultra in the first place. Between this and my buying/selling of the amps my wife wants to kill me. The used one has some slight rash on the ears from racking it.
    :lol: thanks to you too man.

    Oh btw, picking up halo 3 tonight off zepp so ill have it in a few days
    that rules!! i really want to try my engl through a vader cab bad, but a lack of crucial funds is prohibiting me from doing so.
    not a problem dude. the deal is incredible, i'm just bummed because i bought them yesterday at $10.50 and today when i went to post it, it was on sale for $9.98 :lol: FAIL

    but nice amps dude, i love engl so very much! what kind of cab are you running?
    I've actually tried a Randall RM100 once...it had the Clean, Plexi, and Ultra preamp combo in it, I must say I like the way they sound with a fresh retube. I bet it'd probably sound much better through a cab that didn't have V30's in it :lol:
    I is very jealous of your Engl Invader. Seriously, if I could have one of those and a VHT Pitbull UL, I'd probably keep 'em for life. Unless a Brunetti changed my mind, of course. :D
    Yah, cause I can control the weather lmao
    Xiphos scheduled to be here tomorri! w00t
    sweet! i :wub: the VVHB2... my offer still stands if you don't like it, i could always use a spare... anyway, i look forward to checking that Caparison out. i already know it will sound great to me with that pickup in it :lol:.
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