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  • my bad brother lol. I know that we do have many artists that lurk around and post occasionally, so I assumed lol. Epic fail :)
    huge fan of your sig models.... for that new 27fret LACS, did you extend the scale or leave it at 25.5"?
    Damn you for posting that V2 today...I literally just ordered a Strymon Dig this morning :lol: otherwise I would have taken her!
    Oh my, my :lol:

    alcoholism man

    also lol @ eric christian nostalgia. i wonder how his creepy crucifix collection is doing.
    Wow, I'm surprised it's a proper movie. That's the worst "professional" photoshop job I've seen for a while.
    Sorry for the late response. Hmm... I seem to know a lot about ESPs but have never owned one... :lol:

    It's been a while since I've played a Killer (2008 I think), so my memory on them is a bit hazy. But I remember being great killer instruments (pardon the pun). I was discussing them earlier with a friend of mine and he spilled the beans that all their low/mid priced guitars are built by Tokai in Japan. He studied building with ESP Crafthouse and has worked with Tokai for years, so the source is good. So I'd imagine them being quite good actually.
    Brd Eithun | Murderpedia, the encyclopedia of murderers
    I just remember who's quick to jump on a pedestal to judge others when he can't be coherent with himself first.
    About the neg rep.
    You supported and promoted a band whose current drummer killed an homosexual.
    So much for your LGBT fights and boycots.
    I told you were being hypocrite about the Vik episode, and this just proves it.
    If you want to fight for something, try to be honest with yourself first before pointing your finger to others or whine.
    I absolutely agree with what Keith said. As for your worries on your Samsung only being able to display 720P, my Sceptre only puts out 720P but I can run Chivalry in 1080P without any problems and the same for movies and youtube videos. I say you should try the Samsung with your gaming rig when you put it together and if it's not to your liking get a better TV. I'm sure by now you could even find a better deal than my dad did.
    It's got that good old ss chunk I bet. They look pretty nice. Isn't there a Randall that has a built in noise gate? The RH300G3 I believe. Not really mandatory for me though. I don't need a lot of perks.
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