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  • yeah, I got some pics today, I'll upload them in my thread an you can have a look. I'm going for a transparent satin black and maybe natural colored neck and headstock, but I'm not sure yet.
    yeah hehe. I was expecting mine just in time for my three week vacation this summer, but that didn't happen... but soon enough! :D
    oh, ok, maybe I should write in english then :D ok, sounding good with the guitar,
    he told me maximum build time was 3 months, but he started my build in the end of april or may (can't remember at the moment) so they've had a good 4-5 months so far. but I don't mind, as long as it kicks ass !
    hejsan från sverige, jo, jag väntar bara på lite bilder på finishen nu, och om jag är nöjd med den så är den i stort sett klar sen.
    ser att du har en sjua på gång också, ser bra ut, långt kvar på den?
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