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  • Yeah it was the JVM. :yesway:

    Should I go with the digital, my approach would be exactly like yours. Still have the head/cab+od pedal as the foundation of the sound. And use whatever effects I want from a digital rack. I did that for a short while with the old RP6 before going fully analog and Tom Morello-esque. Of course with the case of 4arm, there's no need to go Morello-esque now. :lol: If this band gets bigger, I'm getting an Axe Fx...

    On a side note, I plugged into a Mesa Boogie cab on one of our Sydney gigs... guess what? Best sound I've ever got for the band. :hbang:
    You must be thinking.... just get a Line 6 or Digitech multi effects and get it over with. :lol: I guess my real reasoning is that I had an old RP6 years ago and used it religiously on every multiple project I had (I was in a Gospel RnB group, Alternative band, and played frequently in functions like weddings and church services, Christmas musicals...still do). Using set patches became a nightmare when playing with multiple groups and set list changes per gig. I'd thought, going the other way and having everything in front of me, free to change on the fly would be the ideal solution, no matter the project.

    For those other projects, I've been borrowing a 4 channel Marshall combo and at times no pedals at all, or using my Marshall 65 Bass State amp.

    Whatever works I guess. It's a curse for having multiple bands, which surprisingly, a lot of musicians in Melbourne do.
    For the 2 rock bands and my supposed long overdue solo project. :rofl:

    More leaning towards the newer band with the guys from Dora Mah. I'm going for an even lower gain and bright sound for that.
    I was joking about that. I've already trialed the Satchurator for the metal stuff and no dice. Too boomy and not suited for tight rhythms at all, Ice 9 may be an OD pedal, but if it's taylored for Satch's tone, it'll probably won't cut it. So the TS stays.
    The Les Paul is gone too. Back to standard it goes. I'm bringing the RG470 for the backup this time so I can still do the onstage sex moves. :lol: Plus it's familiar ground for me.

    The Maximizer that bad is it? I doubt he'd be getting that though so I really don't know. I do know the G-Major is amazing. Just hearing it from Hutchman's brother Gabe (archgabriel54) during Elysian's shows just blew my mind.
    I'd better make this clear that I like both schools when it comes to either rackmount/midi switching and running a chain of pedals. I prefer the latter to to freedom of experimentation (Tom Morello style) but of course 4arm really doesn't have room for that. Maybe I'll invest on an AxeFx one day...

    As for Danny, he's just ordered a TC Electronics G Major, an MXR custom Phase 90 and I can't remember what else (probaby a BBE Sonic Maximizer). Endorsementship with CMI is nice eh? Except I blasted him for not getting a Tuner. :lol:
    I'm still playing with the gain settings. 8 is a lot but I'm having no pobs so far.

    Whammy and Volume are gone. Didn't really need them. And I've reduced the modulation effects to just one (either Phaser of Flange... should have bought that cheap EVH Phase 90 in Tokyo :scratch:). 2 Delays in this band is silly so the Giga delay is gone. So that leaves:

    Direct chain:

    Guitar > Wah > Tuner> NS2 (TS9 Loop) > Amp

    Loop chain:

    Send > Harmoniser > Phaser > Tremolo > Time Machine Delay > Return

    That's a humble setup for me. :lol: The Tremolo is only for 1 song so I may ditch that depending on my mood.
    More like welcome back. I used to pile gobs of gain before I signed up here. :lol:

    My old 4arm settings were:

    Treble - 6
    Mid - 7
    Bass - 6
    Volume - 4
    Gain - 4.5
    Master - 4

    It's more akin to my rock settings, but who am I kidding, I'm playing in a thrash metal band. :lol: And looks like the D-Activators will stay.

    EDIT - also I'll be downsizing the pedals for the band. It's great to have all of the toys for all the other projects I'm in, but for 4arm, it is a bit much. :lol:
    Ok, just finised band practiced and tried a few things...

    There's actually plenty of Mids used on the VMax (about 9), believe it or not. The 6band EQ is scooped though and it sounded meater with the Warhead cab.

    My rhythm settings have changed:

    Treble - 8
    Mid - 6
    Bass - 7
    Volume - 3
    Gain - 8 :nuts:
    Master - 6

    Lead hs changed but more pronounced mids (about 9, treble on 6) and less gain (around 5).

    And that's charged with the TS9.

    It's pretty much everything I've stood against but believe it or not, it actually sounded closer to the recording more than anything else but more thicker. Shocking, but it works. I guess once again the nature of the music requires this kind of tone.

    I changed the bass amp settings though, and pumped the upper mids to give it more punch and enough to actually complement the 2 guitars. It sounded great. Whatever works I guess.

    Of course I made it adamant that we never use those damn Randall Stacks ever again. :lol:
    I'd just thought the D-Sonic just felt more closer to home (basswood breed blah blah), while still maintaining enough tight clarity on the low end, and the PAF Joe for more familiar lead. We'll see... once this band makes any money (bollocks :lol: ), I'll get another amp. JSX first of course or either a H&K Triamp or Boogie.

    As for the CD... yeah it's not to my liking either, nor the drummer. I suppose the nature of the music kinda makes the rough clipping somewhat justified but still...
    Live situations the XXX cab is fine, and that goes for my many other projects too. So I suppose it's not feasable for a new cab yet anyway. The financial aspect of last night makes me wanna wish I bought a samurai sword and slashed everybody instead. :wallbash:

    Though a new cab is always in the back of my mind. I just thought of the pickup change probably because of this track:

    YouTube - 05 SOUEN feat. BASI, Sakkon, FUNKYMIC from Insist - abingdon road

    The D-Sonic (PRS) mashed with EMGs. VHT heads were used, but that's a different story...

    I'll stick with the D-Activators for now.
    Our next practice, I've told all of them that we need to get back to basics in terms of sound. My friend from Dora Mah said that when I wasn't playing, the sound just got thin. It sucks especially during my technical woes (which you know all too well about :lol:) made that blatantly obvious. I'm gonna have to kick my bands ass 4 ways to get this right. They need to know that we're not playing metal 20 years ago.

    That said, I'm starting to think that I'm only using D-Activators as an excuse for this band. Methinks of going for a pickup change in the Xiphos. Dimarzios again, but this time a PAF Joe on the neck and a D-Sonic on the bridge, or maybe just stick with the D-Activators a little longer. What do you think?
    Thanks for coming last night dude...

    ...alas, you saw me at my most traumatising moment. :wallbash:

    I've just sent a blunt message to the band that our sound downright sucks. Danny's guitar is too weedy and thin (yes I commented that it was Dimebag's tone... and as much as I love Pantera, I hate his scooped tone). I said exactly what you said, needs to jack up the mids. And I hated every minute of using those damn Randall stacks.

    Plus the bass needs to be turned up. We didn't use a cab but still. My tone actually sufferes without the bass, even more so with Danny's tone. What's the point on bragging about the groove, when the groove can't be heard at all? :realmad:
    Dude... I'm coming back to Melbourne flat broke! :lol: And family just confirmed to drag me to Philippines this December. :wallbash:

    I did see an 8 String Prestige at Ikebe at around the 1500 aud mark...
    Sweet, it'll be sick to see you and your mates there. And yeah CDs will be available. Shame I don't play the solos the same as the recording live because I sucked at the time. :rofl:

    Since being in Japan, I've only been informed of bits and pieces at the moment so I dunno about the times myself. Hopefully it's not too late.
    Still in Japan. Just got back from Tokyo from Kyoto (about 2 1/2 hours distance by bullet train). Kyoto music shops were on massive sales during Golden Week and it was a tough decision between an Edwards Michael Schenker V and the 1527M. Both were under 1 grand AUD! :eek: But I went with my gut... And I'll be getting new pickups for my black RG7 soon.

    Back in Melbourne by next Wednesday just before the 4arm CD launch.
    Golden Week special prices were awesome. Expect an NGuitarD and NPedalD thread soon... and a NPickupD thread as well. :D
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