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Sep 5, 2008
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Doom man of Doom., from Melbourne, Aus

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    1. Daemoniac
      Let me know how the Blackouts go dude, i really hope you like them :)
    2. Bloody_Inferno
      Sounds good so far. Though I may mave something later that arvo (about 6ish) , so I may need some details and get back to you.
    3. Daemoniac
    4. Bloody_Inferno
      Sick :hbang:

      Now we properly organise a time (when hopefully I'm free on a Saturday), and bring your mates too to annoy everybody.
    5. Daemoniac
      Well, technically it was $620 :metal: And that included shipping! :woot: Im getting pretty worried about the amp selling though, it's been up twice on eBay twice now, with little to no interest :( Price is waaay down now too :noway:
    6. Daemoniac
      Well, my Pod should be here in a week or so. I also managed to find an Aussie M13 for under $650 which should be here this week, and my Warpigs are ordered. Now, i just need to sell my fucking VMAX and guitar, and i can finish this :scream::lol::erk: Stupid things just won't sell :nuts:
    7. Daemoniac
      :D Yes indeed. Ive also got my Pod on the way, and also (when Zim confirms it ;)) my WARPIGS :scream:
    8. Daemoniac
      So i've decided at last on what im going to do. Im just sticking with a combo amp. 2 of them even. 2 of the Randall RG 100 combos. It seems just as unnecessairy as what i have now, but seriously, getting a non-unnecessairy rig is more fucking difficult and expensive than just going all out :nuts::noplease:

      So i'll have a pair of hard-as-shit Randalls with roughly the same voicing as my VMAX that can be bypassed (using the pod through the FX return) and just have a stereo setup.

      Which leads me to a qeustion, does the Pod just have 2 separate line outs to use in stereo or what? How would i hook it up to 2 rigs?
    9. Bloody_Inferno
      Wanna go for a drive and inspect this damn K7?

      ...then laugh and let him know how we got our 7s for so much less? :lol:

      Damn Geelong. :nuts:
    10. Bloody_Inferno
      It was long overdue....
      ...and wait till you get to my age...:ugh:
    11. Bloody_Inferno
      It was a nice day to go outside..... :yesway:

      .... it was freezing. :noway:
    12. Wi77iam
      Sounds good. I'll be ordering a neck once I have the funds and when he isn't backlogged.
      Already ordered a body from Sims and getting parts from Elysian at the moment :yesway:
    13. Wi77iam
      Yeah, it isn't very lively over there anyway, and we don't really fit it in over there anyhow.

      you still going to get a custom neck/body from ET?
    14. Wi77iam
      Yeah, dunno whats that about, maybe they're scared it'll turn into a n00b fest :lol:
      I don't ask silly questions and start pointless threads, but to them, well everybody who isn't in their little circle of ... friends? :lol: are n00bs.
    15. Wi77iam
      well .. if you have a look at the "so this is MG.ORG" thread in off topic, you will see i requested to become a cock hunter (so I could have a pink username :metal: just like 7 strings of hate :lol:) and then they probably thought I was having a go at them or something. I don't really mind, not much goes on there anyway, SS.ORG will always be home to me, I don't know the older member anyway.
    16. Wi77iam
      :lol: dude, I got banned from MG.org for no apparent reason. at all. oh well.
    17. caughtinamosh
      You're a very strange man...

      But one of impeccable taste. :agreed:
    18. caughtinamosh
      You feel better because you "let it out"?

      Isn't that the point...? :scratch:

      :lol: Yes sir, she's smokin'... :agreed:
    19. El Caco
      El Caco
      :lol: it takes me a while to update things, you should see some of my profiles in other places.
    20. Wi77iam
      you haz contributor status !!
      i'll get around to that, when money ain't so tight :lol:
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