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  • Ah right ok. No I was just wondering! I thought it was Alder but he mentioned yesterday he thought it was Swamp Ash which didn't sound right. Gorgeous axe though, it's the only guitar I've seen (in person) which has a quilt as nice as the quilt on my ESP :yesway:
    There is another thing some friends of mine do. The use the Carl-martin small preamp, and put a "x" Pedal infront of it. It works very well, especially on computer!
    Not Hi-gain enough! If you really want a High-gain tube distortion, check the ATM pedals. They have at least 20 different distortions and all are pre-amps aswell. The Dist-x is nothing bad, and sounds awesome with a tube-clean channel. But for recording or putting between the guitar and PA...I would go with the ATM :)
    hey chris, thanks that you like the diagram but i can't take the credit. Funny Website - ? America's Only Humor & Video Site Since 1958 kinda ruined my internet time. :lol:

    But yeah, I'm geeky too, and the geek shall inherit the earth. :hbang:
    hey chris, i have to revise by statement of the ISP - there was a problem in the power-supply-chain and it worked nto how it should - meanwhile everything is fixed and i DEFINITELY know now why its more expensive than the Boss. :D

    i can now easily dial in the point where you still got endless sustain, no noise, and fo course - instead to the Boss - no low-end cutting!

    i did a full review (incl. some diezel-tube-related stuff you might be interested in) here:
    yeah, i didnt mean over-the-top-gain of course.

    and my main-problem (i forgot) at the moment is, that with my schecter with actives, i have this short, but annyoying, feedback in between fast stop/go parts. maybe they are TOO hot, or may stop-technique is bad haha..
    Hi Chris, we had a little talk a few weeks back about the ISP Dec. vs. NS-2 with the Diezels if you remember - just wanted to let you know, the Decimator is here and the first tests show: it really does not affect the tone, at least not hearable for me - while the NS-2 always "cuttet" some bass, or in a positively way - it "tightened" the sound up a bit. witht he ISP no loss of freqs, which i like
    if i remember right you do, as i do, use pretty heavy settings and a lot of gain - and to get the ISP to work as it should be, it can also go EASILY into regions where it starts sucking sustain. there is a sweet spot somewhere in between, but the knob goes too easily and the markings do not help as the chassis is chrome and you don't see anything on it (talking bout stage-light conditions) - so this COULD get me into a little trouble.

    so overall at the moment i'd say - if you can live with the "tightened up" sound of the NS-2, there is no need to step up to the ISP. especcially if you use the noisegate in the loop. i use mine in front of the amp, but tried it in the loop and while it didnt make any real difference with the Boss, the ISP is useless in the loop, either there IS feedback and noise, or there is no sound at all haha..

    maybe i will think different later (when i found the sweet spot) but at the moment, i'm questioning the double-price.

    just wanted to let you know!
    yeah, i phibbed, I am actually in love with the headstocks- possibly the coolest shyte ever-LOL- yeah the fanned fretboard...I don't know if I'm ready but I'd try it anyway-
    What would the Diezel compare to? I've played just about everything else- but haven't had the fortune to try one- or hear, as far as I know...
    Dude please tell me about the Black Machine guitars- do they kick ass?- I've only ever seen pictures...-but on the other hand, I've only ever seen pictures of Jessica Alba- so I guess there are some things you just know by looking-LOL!....I even like the headstocks,,I've been obsessing over the F8 lately
    thank you for your reply!

    yeah, i'm leaning towards the decimator pretty much, altough i already have the NS-2 for years now, but i need to use it with extreme settings - and then its already sucking sustain a lot...

    thanks again!
    hi chris, as i know that you play the Einstein into the Dragon Cab with Beamblockers, i just wanted to ask if you already maybe have compared the Sound of with and without the Beamblockers, and what fits the Diezel better. I have the Herbert and also the Dragon Cab, and i need to make a good choice for the next amount of money and i either have to buy a ISP or the beamblockers, and am not really sure about it...

    i would appreciate your reply, thanks!

    An unjustifiable need to elevate myself by mocking the social status of others. And boredom.
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