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  • Hi Guitarchitect,
    Thanks for your message I really appreciate that. Your webpage looks like it's going to be very helpful.

    Thanks again!
    I recieved mine today i love it, pick ups arnt as bad as people say they are. my only problem is the heel and the pick up selector switch placement.
    Hey i saw you have the Omen 8, now that you have had it for a while how are you finding it? i just orderd one and still the most worrying thing for me is the look of the heel.
    Saw on one of the threads that you have a Damien Omen 8 :p I'm pretty interested in one actually. How is the neck? How do the pickups sound? Are the notes defined? Any videos you have of you playing it(that would be super helpful)?
    The F# was SUPER floppy with with shipped - but other people here w. other schecter 8's have done okay with heavier string gauges.

    I knew that I was going to go one low and 1 high string - So I honestly didn't look into the F# string that seriously. But I've been talking w. FNH Guitars about building a 25.5" scale 8 string to accommodate the high A and If I did that - I'd look back into going heavier with the F# and giving that a shot.
    thank you very much Guitarchitect, I find it was very helpful, but do you advise a larger scale for keeping the low F#?
    I intend on having the 7th and 8th tuned lower than the first 6, or would it be possible to compensate for the flub with a thicker gauge string?(without being to ridiculously thick)
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