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  • So..I had this dream last night. We were chilling out, when the news that all the dinosaurs escaped from Jurassic park went public...We found this convention center to use as a safe place, some guy tried to steal my blanket so I whooped his ass and threw him outside to the raptors. Then dinosaurs broke into the convention center and started eating everyone, that's when I woke up. It was awesome to be with you, even though it was only in my dream:)

    My name is Franco and i wish to buy a Jackson Slt3-7. You're still positive about that guitar? No problem with it?

    How much for the yellow Warrior Pro? I also have a VERY RARE Ampeg Vh140c I would trade as well. Please let me know-thanks!
    i see you made it back to michigan.
    hope things work out in your favor there.

    last i remember, you were looking for a place 'round here.
    just after you left FL, i was offered a chance to buy the
    place i'm renting along with the adjoining properties attatched.

    the deal has yet to go through, but it's looking good so far.
    too bad i can't post a 'NEW HOUSE DAY' thread once the deal

    good luck to you up there man. stay in touch.
    Hi! :wavey: So nice to have more girls posting around here again. :) That Jackson is amazing. I am actually in the process of finalizing a custom in a similar shape. Of course it has to be pink.
    Thanks a lot! As far as pickups, what kind of output do you like? Low, Medium, High? I have the Bareknuckle Coldsweat set and I guess they're somewhat medium output. Almost makes the tone sound.. single coilish without tapping the pickup. But yeah, Ibanez stockers on the newer guitars are MADE with lies :lol:
    I've been ok too. Now gassing for a new guit. :lol:

    Yeah, saw it at dcgl's site. Definitely nicer with the binding.
    If only it came with a fixed bridge. :drool:
    Hi Niki.

    To answer your question about my Schecter Omen Extreme 7 - I LOVE it! I've always preferred tune-o-matic bridges (I played Gibsons from the 80s through the 90s), and the 26.5" scale length suits me to a tee! and to think I got it for chump change as a bew B-stock. The finish blemish is so minor, I'm surprised that it was even listed as a B-stock. But hey, at $330 I'm not complaining. But I probably will change the pickups.
    Yeah. My first guitar ever (first REAL guitar, not the crappy learning ones) was a pink/purple (the pearl paint that changes with lighting) Kramer built sometime in the late '80s. I hardly play it anymore, since it's 22 frets, a huge heel, small fretboard radius, but I can't part with it. I think that turned me on to pink.
    We're changing the companies marketing. More about instruments and cut out the T&A.
    The only girls that we are interested in are the ones we'd like to get on our artist roster.
    Album is going out for mastering this next week. We'll have it up for download before we even see physical disks.
    Trying to spend more time on here and get involved with the community.
    local bands? hmm.. there was indorphine out of jacksonville, but they're now defunct.
    the absence, whom i think you know of. though, they aren't very local these days....
    hmm, other than that i can't really think of anymore. i haven't played a show since 2006, so i'm 'out of the loop' at the moment.
    Thank you for adding me on here.
    This is not my normal arena, as you can guess.
    I have a huge task ahead of me, to take a path forward. This will not happen overnight.
    The wheels are turning.....
    likewise nymph. do tell, how proximal of an area are we talking?
    haven't had any 'guitar-friends' since 1997.
    as for 7's, that should change by next year -- if all goes well.
    let the small talk commence. ball's in your court.
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