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  • Hey Guy!

    Just wanted to say that if you haven't already, find a copy of Yoshikawa's "Taiko" and give it a read. If you liked "Musashi", there's no reason you won't enjoy "Taiko" as well. I actually found several parts of it a little more engaging. It's kind of a classic underdog story. Young kid born into poverty, and stricken with bad looks to boot, eventually ends up a brilliant military/political strategist through his quick wits and a little luck and more or less unified the empire prior. Look up the name Hideyoshi; That's the title character.
    EPIK puts people in public schools all over the country, so it's a bit of a crapshoot in that regard. I don't think the people that get accepted even know where they're going to be teaching until they're already in Seoul for the orientation. Could be Seoul, Busan, Jeju or some small town in the middle of nowhere. The cutoff date for the next group of applications is July, I think, so my application will be cutting it a little close. I couldn't apply without my degree, which was only finalized this week. I hope I make te deadline and get accepted, but if not I'll look in to hagwons.

    Do you work evenings and weekends pretty much exclusively? How's your boss? I've heard some horror stories about hagwon bosses.
    is EPIK inside Seoul or in Gyeonggi Do? Public schools can be as iffy as Hagwons but for the most part they are easier to predict and easier to get in and out of since its government run. I work for Chungdahm Learning which is a great place to make money but not a great place if you want loads of vacation time. Do you know where you are going to be?
    yeah I teach at one of the academies here. Not a bad gig. Money is good and life is fairly easy.
    I just reread that OP in that thread, boy howdy was I wrong. :lol:
    Antihistamines, why must you hate me only slightly less than histamines?
    Ha ha ha, I think everyone finds it confusing. Industrial genre fights can be as crazy as metal genre fights... if not crazier.
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