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  • Well, whatever it is, I hope your mind is able to travel back to a good place some time soon. A little bit of positivitism is never bad, even if it may admittedly be somewhat forced. :lol:
    So, whatever happened to that lovely quote on your sig stating how people weren't so bad, and which was one of the last few things that made me hold on to that belief? :lol: Love people man, come to the dark side. We have love. And delusions. Especially the latter.
    Hey Tim! I was going to say I haven't seen you posting in a while but I guess I haven't been looking hard enough! :lol:
    Hey, I wanted to ask you some stuff about the Tonehammer amp.

    How aggressive is the gain sounds? Everything I've heard about it and from it leads me to think it's a very smooth sounding head.

    Have you compared it to Gallien Kruegers like the RB and MB series?
    Hey man, hope everything has been going well for you. Will have to try to get on chat sometime to hear some awesome SK stories.
    Your first sig quote is so good I actually went and loaded your profile so I could quote it in one the Vik threads (with proper citation, of course).
    Yeah, and I usually agree with him generally about stuff too, haha. I could see how you could take nobody responding as that, but it also seems like a pretty big stretch to me... not quite like dropping that in a physical room full of people and getting crickets :lol:
    VIBRAMATE® - Innovative Music Products - Made in USA That's the one I was looking for
    You know, Tim, I've never disagreed with you before. Are you like a long lost brother or something? LOL.
    Tried to rep you for the American thread. Apparently i can't because SSO believes I think you're too sexy. Well, I tried. And hey. Well, you tried too! I thought your thread would be great! But alas, it was not to be.
    And here the unpopular whining ass bitchy thread is eleven pages and going strong!
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