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  • This is very true. I feel like a conversation between Archer and Lrr would make for some good times. I think I'll just start narrating everything in his voice, spice things up a bit.
    Lol damn right ;) no, its just opinions, but butthurt assholes who read at a 2nd grade level get pissy with me without a just cause. Its tiring sometimes :)
    Hah, thanks for the anti-neg. I knew I would get negged for that comment but sometimes you just have to express your opinions whether people like it or not. :lol:
    Thanks for the rep. I haven't visited the lake but as soon as I get my driving licence I think I should go there as it is only 30-minute drive. :D
    Haha, I was just kidding.. I listen to lots of stuff but my favorite bands are Opeth and Katatonia.
    Dunno, type in "scene girls" in google and she should be the first pic. And I've figured it all out, almost all pornstars are also pretty much prostitutes and will cost like 500 and get this anal, swallowing etc are UPCHARGES
    Yea I find things pretty quick since i'm on the computer all day, hell I do school on my computer.

    And the girl with the AMAZING ass is a pornstar named Isis Taylor :)
    "I like to play like a space marine, a fucking big guy with a fucking big gun punching aliens in the face."

    >me in every single game, ever.

    good god work is destructive though. It's 1:43 am and I'm about 10/20% through a massive essay due tomorrow fffff
    Again, sorry for the late reply. School and rugby are killing me!

    Loved the geth missions, and cheers about the graph haha, it's a bit harsh on ME1 though, the last third or so of the main story missions are pretty fucking epic.

    Definitely do a replay. If possible, start on ME1 and go through the trilogy (I'm doing a perfect trilogy playthrough at the moment, 90% through ME1 and totally hyped to replay the glory of ME2 and initiate dat Talimancing).

    Also, playstyle?
    Sorry for the late reply. The ending sits okay with me. I'm not a huge fan, but I still don't mind it much. The Indoc theory is interesting, (and makes me more glad I chose Destroy), but it seems like BW has pretty much struck it out as a viable explanation, so it's just a theory to me, and a defunct one at that. The Anderson thing was weird too, but I didn't think too much of it.

    Agreed on the whole Normandy-interaction deal, and the amount of characters. Thinking back upon the trilogy, I'd see them probably as;

    ME1: Pretty good story (with regards to characters), fantastic atmosphere/plot, decent gameplay mechanics and awful combat.
    ME2: Fantastic character story, good atmosphere/plot, above average gameplay and pretty good combat
    ME3: Pretty good character story (with moments of greatness), great atmosphere/plot (until starbrat), great gameplay and fantastic combat.

    Even made a graph :lol:

    Well I tried to stay spoiler-free until I played (seeing as ME3 came out conveniently right at the start of the run-up to my exams), but June/July time my friend made me look up the ending to ask my opinion of it, which soured it a bit, but the character interactions in that level I got firsthand, and they were brilliant. I'm assuming you have the Extended Cut though, I think the scene I'm talking about wasn't in the original ending.
    Haha I didn't get that reaction but I did at the end. Doing the last mission with Tali + you're romancing her = oh my god the choke-ups at the one cutscene where [REDACTED]. :lol:
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