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  • :lol: I hear that a lot, I love this city, but damn there's nothing to do here. I've been wanting to start a band for a while, but on my side of town, playing guitar, bass, or drums or liking rock or metal isn't common.
    Anything outside of Cleveland, OSU, Juilliard, Cincinnati State, or just about anywhere else really. I'm just really bored of my hometown.
    Yeah, I'm about to finish Highschool up this year,and then it's off to college. Are you in college and I see your a Death fan as well.
    The "time will tell" thing was more about 10 years down the line, but I've found it really comfortable and have complete faith in it. I've seen nothing that would indicate that it's anything less than solid. That DK2M is a keeper.
    Well I changed it to something completely different then someone said they missed the Morpheus avatar. haha

    I didn't want to go back to the exact same thing so I just decided to use a different pic of him.
    I took it from Parks and Recreations, but thinking about it, it's actually a reference to Caddyshack too!
    No worries bro. Despite what this person says, I haven't earned a reputation for nothing. A few haters are going to hate, but it's taken forever to build up hundreds of references that will back me up. Including mods on this site and others, so while as much as it does bother me to have some kid pissed about a deal that was over months ago, I try not to let it raise my blood pressure too much. Been trying to email everyone that has a negative opinion of me lately, and I am realizing, that honestly, basically none of them have ever even spoken with me, let alone done deals with me! Anyway, just been saying, hey if you want a reason to dislike me, get to know me. If you still don't like me after that, then hey, at least you have a legit reason not to now!

    So anyway, if you ever want to chat bro, hit me up! Maybe I am not all that evil! :D

    Or maybe I am! ;)

    Much respect for an honest opinion though!
    Trying to figure out your rep, and I realized, sometimes when I check on my phone it says I am still viewing on a computer. No, I haven't checked it again. You and I both have better things to do then argue with some troll kid bro. Respect you though. Peace,
    Agreed. I think my avatar hopping days are coming to and end.

    We had a good run....
    Oh, it's one of the lines on the London underground train system (which, unsurprisingly, runs centrally east-west through London). The place I live has a station on the Central line despite being just ouside London proper
    I think we share a similar tastes in music. I love most of the posts you make in "What are you listening to"
    Yeah, just google around for the model number a bit. They are still available at several ebay shops here in Europe.
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