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    Metal on NON metal instruments?

    @bostjan veerry cool!! Funny story too lol. Nothing worse than revisions uugh. As a digital artist thats just the worse thing, if they just want one or 2 minor things changed then ok no problem, but it never ends lol and im always thinking.. I SHOULD charge you double. @KnightBrolaire like...
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    Metal on NON metal instruments?

    WOAH WOAH WOAH... Hold up gang! I was asking about SSO members aka YOU folks specifically... If any of you play non metal instruments.... I wasnt asking about naming random bands (BUT i DO love finding interesting bands, so proceed lol but im really interested in hearing personal accounts most...
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    Metal on NON metal instruments?

    @Kaura oh coool! thanks so much! 😃 Yeah i freakin looooove offsets!! I always thought my pink jag was my fav but ever since i got my pink offset tele i think i might like it most! Something i never thought cpd happen... Maybe i just like em both the best equally lol. @Matt08642 haha omg, i...
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    Metal on NON metal instruments?

    Damn thats awesome!! 😃
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    Metal on NON metal instruments?

    Referring to..... Slipknot? 🤔 I meant to suggest SSO members rather than established bands but yeah
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    Metal on NON metal instruments?

    Does anyone else play metal on instruments not often used in metal? I play electric cello and its insane with highgain, the lows are so freakin grindy yet has a liquidy flowiness to it that comes inherent with bowed instruments. Its really fun experimenting with EVERYTHING! All my pedals and...
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    NPD: Juicy tube goodness! Blackstar Dept.10 Boost

    This has me pretty intrigued!! Tightness is overrated lol. Ive been pretty curious about blackstar in general this past couple years. I kinda want their 50w highgain head
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    Blackstar DT dual distortion and Drive pedal preamps, anyone try them?

    I assume it runs at 340v or whatever to actually get the tube cookin?
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    Name drop

    I mean this in the nicest possible way but i dont think anyone cares or even checks other peoples profile page 99% of the time lol. But while we're on the subject, i dont think ive updated mine in like 8 years, and its VERY different lol Also welcome to sso!
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    Full stack conundrum?

    Dont forget, your rig hates you as much as you hate it! 😄
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    One Guitar, 53 Amps! (Les Paul Custom through all my amps...)

    I really never thought youd ever top one guitar and 52 amps but you really out did yourself!! Not sure what you could possibly do after this! 😁
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    Just released Tiwanaku: Earth Base One (former nocturnus)

    Really?! I figured anything related to nocturnus would be pretty popular here🤔 But yeah theyre wicked!. If im not mistaken its alex webster (cannibal corpse) on bass!
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    Just released Tiwanaku: Earth Base One (former nocturnus)

    I kinda got burnt out on death/modern metal a few years back despite being a huge death metal guy my whole life since first hearing napalm death when i was 12 or so. Over the past decade or so its like every band literally sounds identical, sure its very technical but if its got no soul then...
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    Solid State Heads

    I also love ss!! A lot of vintage ss amps like peaveys have a certain sorta character to em, not as hifi sounding as newer ss. They have bold mids that make a wicked pedal platform.
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    Pedals That Straddle Distortion and Fuzz?

    I love the rat but i do wish it leaned a bit more onto the fuzz side, imo its much more distortion