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  • Haha yeah it did, and only an HOUR late! :squint: :lol: Good games to you as well sir, we'll have to play more often, that was fun! :D
    Probably! :lol: I'll re-send it shortly, my name has guitars in it so it should be pretty obvious it's me. ;)
    Sweet, sounds good man! I'll be online starting tomorrow, my copy should be arriving before 5pm EST but knowing UPS I'll probably get it at like 7.... :rofl: :squint:
    I know. Gorgeous weather in Scotland these last few days.

    Though, exams have had their reign of terror during the gorgeous weather. :(

    Can't actually move...? What's gone wrong mate...? :ugh:
    I forgot to add that I made them:lol: I'm glad that you like them. I keep all of my odds and ends guitar parts in them as well. And when I sell a guitar stuff I ship them out sealed in Ziploc bags as well, keeps everything dry just in case it does get wet. Take it easy :metal:
    Eh, well, I needed some cash to pay some bills. I can promise you, however, that my UV77GR and two remaining RG7CTs are not going anywhere.
    Yeah, I accidentally locked myself out of my superfunkanova account, so figured that was as good a reason as any to cut down the amount of time I was wasting on there! Still post every now and then with the EVERYONE account I made a while back, but pretty rarely.

    Not been up to much - plugging away at the Crepusculum album, which is almost done. Hoping to do a few more UCA recordings when I get the time, but otherwise nothing's new really! How about yourself - are we any closer to seeing the highly-elusive VF EP?
    hey man you play ibanezs. Is ther a thick neck than the Regular ones. On the baritone one you have.
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