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  • Cool, yeah it's a good university from what I hear :) If you come over we'll definately have to go out for drinks, and of course a jam (or 12)! :yesway:
    Yeah drop D dude, we use a lot of inverted power chords like Killswitch use which makes it sound at times like we're in A even though we're not!

    Have you got the EP?
    Sure dude, Drop D - DADGBE :)

    Glad you like the tune! If you want to know how to play any of our riffs just give me a shout :yesway:
    Thank you so much, man once again that really means a lot to us, and I'm glad to hear we've had a part in expanding your influences 'cause that's part of my/our drive for doing this.

    I'm not sure how soon we'll be able to get over the Europe considering we don't have any label support yet and we'll have to tour the states a couple times before we go overseas, but we would definitely love to travel and play there as soon as possible.

    Happy new year and same to you, man. Thanks again for all the support and keep in touch!

    - Marc
    Wow, thanks man! :metal:

    Appreciate the kind words :)

    Hopefully in the upcoming year we will be able to bring the shred to Belgium! A European tour is most definitely on the cards for us soon :agreed:

    Again, thanks! And a Merry Christmas to you :thepope:
    your avatr is funny, here`s another rat.
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