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Dec 3, 2013
Sep 1, 2007
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Kick The Gates Open, from Finland

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Dec 3, 2013
    1. Scar Symmetry
      Scar Symmetry
      I know right?

    2. ToniS
      Juu, se on kyl nätti :) Ittelleni ovat UV777 myös todella mieleen.
    3. ToniS
      Pari proggista on mut ei mitään konkreettista vielä, tässä koko ajan kuitenkin biisejä/riffejä teen :)

      Mistä päin Suomea oot?
    4. ToniS
      Katoppa, toinen suomalainen :wavey:

      Missä bändeissä soitat?
    5. Sebastian
      Thanks - It Rules ! :metal:
    6. blastanus
      oi oi kelpais mullekkin tollanen uv keppi, someday someday...
    7. Sang-Drax
      Dude, all this stuff you're going through sux. Hope you're feeling better... stay strong! :)

    8. WarriorOfMetal
      yep, that was the idea....when i found out that word about a year ago, i thought it was an awesome coincidence that my name was contained within the Finnish word for "metalhead"
    9. yevetz
      Thanks :). All is good. I am leaving the band coz I am with friends opening guitars shop :)......And also I want to play some acoustick stuff for now...as blues country....and stuff like that :)
    10. yevetz
      Thanks :)

      I am leaving this band....I played last show with this band yesterday
    11. WarriorOfMetal
      I'm not, but I think the Finnish language is really cool. Plus, my name is Ari and I'm a metalhead, so I figured HevAri was appropriate for the name of my guitar "company" :yesway:
    12. gaunten
      actually I think finnish is like the second or third most common used language in sweden as well.
      yes, they are indeed djentlemen haha, I saw them last year in gothenburg at metaltown, and even if the sound there was great, yesterday just was something special.. I don't know, I just stood there in front of fredrik (about 10 feet away) and the sounds coming out of the speakers was just.. insane. the best tone I've ever heard. .ever. both compared to other live and studio performances and recordings, this was the best. ever. sick I tells ya
    13. gaunten
      oh ok, I thought you could swedish good, well I'll stick to english then hehe, well, I'm from the same country as meshuggah allright, but I live down in the south of sweden, and they're from Umeå, which is very high up north (about 1500-2000 kilometers or so.) what I was saying before was that I saw them in malmö last night, and took about 5004093 metric tons of Djent in the face :P
    14. gaunten
      aa ok, ja jag ser det nu, har du bott i sverige, eller du bara e så cool så du kan svenska ändå?
      kom precis hem från malmö, har sett meshuggah. mördande jävla bra va de 5004093 ton djent i ansiktet är aldrig fel...
    15. gaunten
      hellusan, en svensk till? var e du ifrån?
    16. MrJack
      Ihan hyvin kyllä, kesti hetken tottua tohon tallaan ja kulmaan jossa kaula on sen takia kun on ollu vaan tommonen Wilkinson ja lisenssi floikka muissa kitaroissa. Kaulaliitokseenkin tottuu, tosin aion kyllä tehdä oman kehon siihen ja tehdä enemmän Ibanezin AANJ tyyliseksi. Mikitkin aion vaihtaa parempiin sitten samalla ja ehkä virityskoneistot lukollisiin. Mutta ekana seiskana se on mun mielestä hyvä.
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    Primary Seven:
    Ibanez UV777
    Main Rig:
    Fame -> Custom 2x12
    Real Name:
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Ibanez UV777PBK
    Other Guitars:
    Godin Freeway Classic,
    Vintage V2 Tele,
    Esp Ltd M-1000 DeLuxe,
    J&D 5-string Jazzbass
    Fame T120H all-tube-head,
    Custom 2x12'' cabinet w/ roadcase
    Effects & Pedals:
    Rockcase Effectboard/case
    Numerous pedals...
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    Line6 PodXT,
    Zoom H2.
    Misc/Other Gear:
    Elixir strings,
    Dunlop Tortex .88 pics,
    DiMarzio pickups,
    Schaller straplocks
    I'm a guitarist and a composer for 3 bands, and i live in Finland, the land of palm trees...

    Music, good friends, guitars, enjoying life!


    YDG!? :nuts:
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