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  • Hey,
    10-46 would still be great in my opinion, just it will gradually increase to one semitone tighter on the 27" end, as if you had tuned your low E to F. Well, almost - the 6th string isn't quite 27".
    You could always pick up a more balanced set like 10-44 if that exists, which the fan would then stretch out to feel like 10-46.
    For the 27" A to match similar gauges you are looking at a 64 or 66 :)
    no idea, I didn't go around screaming, "WHO KNOWS WHAT SS.ORG IS?!". I did think about it, though.

    I was the big dude with a black backpack, and grey UH hat. Were you on Hall Monitor duty?

    Were you one of the stand-out Guardians like Rainbow hair guy, or fish hat? Or dude that had the same glasses as Corey Feldman in Stand By Me?
    Hey man :) Presuming a set of 10'-46s is suitable for standard for your preference, then a 66 or 68 should match well in the bass. If you are going fully custom gauges though, bump up the low E one notch as a 46 is considerably looser than the two strings above it in sets. If you do that, definitely use a 68.

    For drop G#, bump up to 11-49 (pref the 49 replaced with a 52) + 70
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