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  • Haha, cool to see someone from the States with a Duvel avatar. I live in the village where the beer gets made :D
    NIce avatar picture man. I have been spending way too much on Duvel and Chimay the last few months
    sorry for the late reply ... T-shirts will be ready soon! I'll sent one over no problem
    Thank you for the kind words, Jesse! :) To answer your question, I am not classically trained at all. I simply observe other guitarists who also use that kind of form and do my best to imitate them.
    Don't think you derailed that thread less than me with your need to play the white knight.
    As you can see the thread was moved by the mods because it was pointless in that section.
    Anyway yeah, move on.
    Just wanted to clear things and don't hold grudges.
    Hey man! Yeah been super busy with work and kids and ex wives! Number one is actually getting remarried so I may get out of some of my debt- woo hoo! Number two is still crazy- sez she wants to get back together again but calls me a bad father because I didn't go visit her today. After I asked her to come over like fifty times. :nuts:
    Any spare time I've had goes into building- trying to wrap up a ff8, get a new 7 done- should be sweet, maple with a thick one piece bloodwood top! But its my first whammy bar build so its taking me a long time... And starting a bass for an old friend. ..
    Just don't have as much surfing time. Hope you're good- shoot me a little note!
    Thanks man! You sir are true metal supporter and bands exist because of people like you! Hats off!
    No, I've always lived here in Illy, but my parents used to take me to Opryland every god damned summer lol. No wonder i turned metal. Colin moved down there shortly after high-school to go to music collage. He used to play the heaviest cyber-metal imaginable. I've watched a few of their shows on youtube. Definetly unique for the bluegrass realm.
    Seeing your location, age, and avatar, I'm just curious if you've ever had the chance/inclination to check out a local bluegrass group in Nashville called The Enablers.
    An old friend of mine (Colin) is the mandolin player for them. He actually does studio work and recorded the voice-overs for Taylor Swift's K-Mart commercials that never aired due to K-Mart's financial situation lol. At least he got the photos though.
    Oh no honestly I wasn't offended at all I just have no sarcasm meter what so ever :lol: It's all good man.
    Hey man, thanks for the friend add. It just makes it "official" now. Us old guys gotta stick together!
    hey dude, regarding your thread 'i'm in love', i thought i'd introduce you to another female guitarist with an awesome talent and voice too. :
    kt tunstall - black horse and the cherry tree - YouTube
    still kinda slow ... one more song and then studio. too much wasted time, beer, gigs and whatnot
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