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  • Hai! Since you seem to be all up with the ESP biznizz, could you plz just set me straight on this here 7 string: https://reverb.com/ca/item/6738804-esp-ltd-horizon-7-string-white . His listing title has LTD but it seems like a straight up ESP model, correct? I did Google searches for other hardtail Horizon 7s and I've found similar-ish models but they have more knobs or reverse headstocks. TLDR - legit ESP? Thanks!
    Non-reversed headstock and single volume/toggle configuration. I haven't seen this before on a SS ESP. Looks pretty rad, I think. Does not look like an aftermarket mod to me. Might be worth posting a thread about it, other ESP nerds here have paid a lot more attention to the ESP 7s than I have. Might find someone who has stalked them better.
    Price doesn't look too bad. Wish the pics were better.
    Furtive Glance
    Furtive Glance
    You're the man! Nah, I ain't gonna make a thread. Going to try and snag that one for myself, haha.
    Understandable, just make sure you post a killer NGD post with lots of pics!
    ive noticed you're a fan of STK guitars ! I just placed an order after back and forth discussions with STK. super pumped
    I hear that man. Honestly time constraints are probably more of the reason I'm a bit timid when comes to projects like that than me not trusting my own abilities (which is saying a lot because not trusting my own hands is still a pretty big deal :lol:). I'm glad to hear you finally figured out the problem though. I'm still subbed to both of those threads and was curious about progress, haha.

    My little girl is doing great. She looks insanely like me (poor thing :lol:) but she's the most beautiful thing in the world to my fiancee and I. I'm just getting over a bad case of bronchitis so I've been having to keep a little distance and I think I'm going through withdrawals. :lol:
    Hey, man. It's been a while. How's the RG470 coming? We never really got much of an update when you got it pretty close. How were the Black Winters?
    Man, I'm super glad you figured out your problem with your hand. I've been having some problems with my fretting hand but nothing major. Hopefully you'll get it worked out and you'll be :shred: again in no time :yesway:
    Dude... that 470 is calling even my name :lol:

    Yeah, it plays amazingly with the fret buzz but if I could get the same playability without the fret buzz it'd be even better haha.

    I think that I shouldn't need much in the way of getting the trem-stop in. I have an uncle that has most of the tools anyone could need.

    I love my Nazgul/Sentient to death. I haven't found any use for the Sentient when it comes to high gain but that also makes it a dual use guitar. I love the sound of both pups clean, but I bought the Nazgul for metal and it excels at it. The Sentient keeps my ol' lady happy with cleans :lol:

    Thu, I haven't been able to put the guitar down since I put those pups in :lol:
    Yea, they're pretty crazy when you don't know what's really going on (like me :lol:). I can't quite seem to get mine just right. If it's level, my action is too high but if I lean it back slightly I get a ton of fret buzz. I think the neck might need a bit more bow (or the nut could use a shim maybe) and the bridge might need lowering slightly to get it just right. That seems way out of my league though.

    I popped in your SDX thread. It's coming along nicely! That pickgaurd on that white body looks great. How soft is that basswood btw? I'm just wondering because I'm gonna have to do a bit of retrofitting to get this tremsetter to fit in the cavity and still get the cover on and I might have to get into the wood a bit.

    Maybe this weekend will be the time for the 470, too. That thing is gonna look killer when it's done. I won't lie to you. All your projects are awesome but that's the one that has really caught my attention. I'd say more so than any other project on this sight so far
    Dude, thank you sooo much for that link. This Floyd has been giving me hell :lol:

    The more I play around with it the less I want to block it haha. I may still use the tremsetter I got just to make it dive-only. I still need to learn to set them up properly though.

    I saw your comment on my thread and definitely appreciate the words of encouragement. This is my first guitar that I've ever modded and it does seem a bit daunting at first but the more I dive in, the less mysterious it becomes lol.

    The pups went much smoother than expected, too. So I'm thankful for that :lol:

    I saw your update on the 470, too. That sealer must be a real pain in the ass! It's gonna so worth it though. I think it's going to look amazing.

    I can't wait to see the SDX, too. Gotta love those eBay deals haha. That's where I got my tremsetter for about 8 bucks. ,
    I'm hoping it's gonna go smoothly. I'm still waiting on a Shadow kill pot I ordered last week to get here so I can do this all at one time. This is the first guitar I've ever modded so I'm a bit nervous anyway :lol:

    I believe I'm going to have to do some retrofitting anyway because the tremsetter I ordered is the style that they used for old school Kramers and they already had spots routed out for the bracket. The Schecter doesn't but at least if I .... up the aesthetics with the tremsetter it's on the back and not glaring at you from the front :lol: (I'm not brave enough to take on a full on refin right now; especially with my only 7 atm haha).

    I'm definitely wishing you the best of luck with your hand though man. Hopefully it's not as bad as the tendons.
    Nazgul/Sentient :lol:

    The Schecter is already routed for SDs so my fingers are super crossed that there won't be any problems. I just thought it was crazy. I had just pulled the trigger on them and had gotten on here and your NPD rolled through on the spy screen. I give it a read through, "I had to shim the neck..." "Had to cut the tabs...". I was like, "FUUUUUUUUU...". :lol:

    Hopefully it won't give me too many fits though haha..

    I do believe I remember seeing a thread about muscle problems with a fretting hand and it just now dawned on me that it was yours. Sorry to hear that man. I hope you can work that out and I'm glad to hear the lighter strings are helping.

    I did see that blueburst San Dimas and holy shit is it beautiful! Given the resources I'd be all over that red one too haha.
    Sounds like you do need more time!

    Sorry to hear about your troubles with the Nazgul though. That NPD you posted and that message actually have me a bit nervous haha.

    I've been wondering about the 470, too. I'm super excited to see how that turns out. Not to mention ready to hear your opinion on the Black Winter.

    The "old man" search is still on :lol:
    I had some things hit my budget pretty hard so it'll be a while before I jump on anything new. At least until I can get my H-308 sold lol. After you mentioned the Charvels though, I went through all of their So Cal and San Dimas lines and have discovered my love of the San Dimas.

    To quench a little gas for the moment though I decided to just get some pups and odds and ends to mod an old Schecter I've had sitting around for a few months that I got in on a trade a while back. I can't wait to get started on it. Just waiting for my last piece to get here.
    Hahaha oh man, seriously? Na this one was in a store somewhere in Michigan. I got that and a Mark IV online and picked them up from Cherry Hill tonight. I love that store and Sam Ash, but they just don't really have a clue. I don't get it cause they sell high end stuff you figure they'd have to know something.
    Yeah, I've liked what I've heard from them. I've said it before, but I feel the Black Winter is to the Distortion what the Custom 5 is to the JB. I've been considering doing the 18v mod on my ML and putting the EMG 57 and 66 set in, but it's just a case of having the time and money.
    Not yet man, there's like zero music stores around here, may have to take a plunge and just hope it suits it. if not, I'll just stick it in my ML, anything will be better than the stock pickups.
    Oh. Sorry I misunderstood, then. But thank you for your response. I've been looking at this guitar for awhile, and your review has made me even more interested. I was just curious about the neck. Thanks and enjoy the guitar, man!
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