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    If you had $2kUSD for a custom 8 string, what would you get?

    $2k ain't buying a custom anything... Maybe Warmoth and finishing it yourself? If you want a "custom" guitar, you are spending like $3-4k minimum at this point. If you want a production guitar that lets you pick from precanned options, probably cheaper to just find something you like as it is...
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    ENGL 570 Preamp appreciation

    They replied to an email I sent within a few days (maybe a few years ago, before ESP bought them). Their online presence is mostly gone.
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    Synergy Amps, Are They Worth It?

    The Savage and IICP are my favorite modules so far. Visually, the eq in the Savage needs to be set a little weird. Definitely need to do it with your ears. The knobs will end up pretty far from 12:00
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    First 7-string guitar pack!

    IMO If he's into death or black metal, the E530 is a no brainer. You could also grab a cheap solid state power amp like one of the EHX pedals to power the cab. If he gets more serious, easy to buy a good rack power amp and better cabinet down the road. The Engl could stick around for a while.
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    Synergy Amps, Are They Worth It?

    I finally picked up a T/DLX... Mini Rant incoming... I haven't played either of these amps in person.. and I'm a high gain guy, so assume I have zero idea what to expect from vintage amps or cleaner amps like this or an AC. Synergy, if you read these threads, who in their right mind puts two 3...
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    Has Steve Vai ever used anything other than the Blaze for 7-string? (Blaze Custom, Evo 7?)

    Holy crap, I thought you were joking...
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    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    And Elon now victim blaming Paul Pelosi because with conspiracy theory about him bringing the dude home from a gay bar... Even if Paul Pelosi did go to a gay bar, how does that make it ok for him to be assaulted with a hammer while someone is after his wife?! FFS people. If there was ever a...
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    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    Fox News actually mentioned he was a Republican once in the article. But the amount of "nudist" references they printed to mask the right wing hate machine they helped create was on full display. I mean, it isn't that he is a hateful, murderous Republican that is the problem. It's that he is...
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    NGD: Buyer Beware Yahoo! Auctions [ESP Content]

    There's no guarantee it will stay fixed. The only time I dealt with a warped neck, the wanted to replane the wood. It isn't minor. Suggest you learn how to spot it. If the neck isn't flat, you will have inconsistent action and it makes the guitar difficult to play. An easy to find straight...
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    Kayne anyone?

    No, it really wasn't.
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    Kayne anyone? Read the section on hasty generalization. Kanye and cancel culture aren't the same thing.
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    Kayne anyone?

    Cancel culture is stupid. People shouldn't have to fear societal exile for one stupid joke or comment made out of context. Kanye is not in that category. He has been a vocal tool for decades. Anyone acting like this is a one time event is oblivious. If anything people like Kanye should have...
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    Mayones Regius Core 7 vs Music Man Majesty 7

    I haven't used the Hipshot Contour trem. I don't understand what Floyd disadvantages exist that don't also exist for the Hipshot trem. If anything, it looks like exactly the same design. Any "floating" bridge is going to have the same pain as a Floyd getting the equilibrium right, whether you...
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    Mayones Regius Core 7 vs Music Man Majesty 7

    I have a Regius. Never played a Majesty, but can compare to other stuff. Given you are in EU, factor in taxes and prices. I'd suspect you can get a guitar and pickups manufactured in Poland cheaper than one manufactured in California. The Regius is slim C shape. I'd say it's almost too thin...
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    Why is pickup technology so slow to evolve?

    Let's pretend I am a manufacturer of pickups, switches, and pots. Even if it is 10 cents per device to add a wiring harness, at the scale of millions of devices, it is still hundreds of thousands of dollars. If 1 out of every maybe 1000 guitar players uses aftermarket pickups, is it worth that...