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  • Doing like the Charvel, so Sperzels+graphite nut. On the Charvel, I use my 'cheater bands' to keep the strings from jumping out of the nut on divebombs but I'll put a string tree on there if necessary.

    Of course, if I go Speedloader, I'll obviously be using the matching nut to go with it but I haven't mocked that version up yet.
    Although, depending on what kinda deal I can get, it might be "Troy Grady'd" with a Speedloader and no tuners.
    The goal:

    If you do decide to part it out, give me a price on everything and for shits and giggles, give me a price on the guitar complete.
    Even I was. :p

    But yeah, I'd like to see Rusty get his name on some stuff that gets more circulation in the metal community than he has in the last few years. I agree on Periphery. After the whole "OMG! BULB IS DJENT MESSIAH!"-ness washes away, there's a pretty good band that, compositionally, has some music with non-DJENTDJENTDJENT ideas that can be attained.
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