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  • Cool man, I bet the rest of your team is glad you caught it too :yesway:
    Learning languages is supposed to be one of the healthiest mental activities there is. I play recreational indoor soccer at the local community centre here and there are probably half a dozen languages typically spoken in a game, including Farsi. I love the sounds of it, though I don't understand a word. I'd especially love to learn Indonesian and Balinese because of the gamelan music I'm involved in, and I have the Rosetta Stone course for Indonesian, but I've been putting time into ear training instead. Hopefully sometime in the future...
    No Arabic, just Dari. We were accidentally sent the wrong welcome letter. These Embedded Transitional Training Teams are a big thing in Afghanistan and Iraq now, so a bit of confusion is to be expected. Glad I caught it. We have a "Survival Guide" to start with, but I have a feeling I'll be better off completing the Rosetta Stone course in Iranian Persian (Farsi) and then worry about adapting to Afghanistan Persian (Dari) when we get to our final training (2-3 months) at Ft Riley, KS
    Oh man, so will you get to study Dari as well? Or are things just not organized that accurately? I kinda like the days of the week convention - makes the weekend sound extra special :lol:
    I started researching Afghanistan, and found out that Arabic isn't spoken in Afghanistan. Dari is what we should be studying. So far, it's a bit odd. The days of the week translate as: Friday, Saturday, One Saturday, Two Saturday ... Five Saturday.
    Thanks for making me laugh when you gave me that rep with the "reason & research" comment :lol:

    How's the Arabic coming?
    :lol: is right. They're not any more. I'm old enough to remember the Coast Guard as part of the "Armed Forces" before the "Homeland Defense" even existed.
    Awwww that sucks man! :( Yeah I'm crazy busy (final this week for my master class :noway:) too but maybe this time next year we can hang out. You can tell me some stories about Afghanistan and I'll buy you some beers. :metal: Again, plenty of wishes for your safety over there man. :wub:
    We need more theorbo threads.

    They are selling one of those here in sweden but I don't have the money to pick it up :(
    Yes. It's like PMs that everybody can read, or like the message boards folks used to have on their doors while I was in College.
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