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  • Tone is awesome, loads and loads of features. I got an Eleven Rack. It doesn't have near the features of the pod, but I like the ease of recording use and don't need all the pods features.
    Meh, I also thought of that, but it seem so pointless. besides, I don't know how that would work out with the M8 pickup...
    I don't think my Raven properly qualifies for the member-built thread because I only actually built the pickups myself. But I'm in a 1-year master luthier course now so there should soon be qualifying builds I could post in there.

    I agree with your posts about the helpfulness of singing :yesway:
    Awesome, that would have been a wicked client to have!

    I'm a semi-professional (only sometime paid) musician (although I do always ACT like I'm payed)... so part of that is learning as much as possible. Zappa is important to the evolution of guitarists, so I did as much listening as I could so that when a friend wants to do some jazz arrangement of Zappa, I can pick up my sax and say "what song?"
    Yes I got the Zappa reference.

    I was just pointing out how that left field quote came out of nowhere.
    Despite being an icon to guitarists, so many don't know him. He died 18 years ago or so now. I'm 21 and so many of my generation have no friggin clue who he is, and what the quote is from. So it's left field really :)

    Still great though. Rep for you
    Danica McKellar (played Winnie in The Wonder Years, now writes books about math for young girls) is, if I'm not mistaken, 5 or 6. I think the lowest is an MIT professor who worked with the Good Will Hunting writers and coauthored a paper with Erdos.

    My 9 is 62mm wide at the nut with straight frets, 27.5" scale. It's really just a prototype that I hacked together, I'm hoping to get a slightly more refined one put together sometime during the next month. You can check out the build thread:


    Note that the vid is in "standard" tuning, the M3 idea is something I just did recently. I went with B (standard seven string low B) thru G (just above a regular E) for the tuning.
    Hi Dude, thank you for the nice compliment :)
    It is (to my surprise) well-balanced, the body is quite thin and very comfortable, the weight of the whole guitar is only about 3kg (6.6 pounds). The only stupid thing is that i broke the (lower) horn during the building process, so it's shorter then I wanted. I was able rescue the looks, but it doesn't sit on the leg very well. I play with a short strap when sitting (and I play mostly sitting)
    What's your fanned frets sevenstring build doing?
    Cheers, f l o
    You can't go wrong with a mustache. And beard.
    Any links to the Rick Toones instruments you mentioned would be great if you get a chance - very interesting :)
    Haha - enjoy the facial hair! :)

    I've been fiddling with Google Sketchup and OmniGraffle for guitar designs. I import fretboard diagrams from FretFind 2D into OmniGraffle and sketch the body shapes on top.

    Interested to hear about any other software you're using for this.
    Hey, funny you should mention Ergo - I recently tried tuning my 10-string Ergo in all major 3rds! It was really interesting, confusing, and fascinating. I think I've just got too many years invested in all-4ths to convert though :lol:
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