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  • Hmmm, it seems like I might go a similar route then a get a strat from Suhr and the either a DeLuxe or S/S from Thorn. If I'm lucky all three :lol:

    Did you get your vik yet btw?
    Hey man, how does your Thorn strat compare to the Suhr? I'm thinking of ordering a Thorn in a year but I'm still trying to make up my mind on which model :lol:
    Haha yeah man, Ron knocked it out of the park on that one! :eek: He said he gave it a test run through his offset and the thing has a ton of (and I quote) "Oooomph"! :metal: I was curious how close she'll come tonally to Artisan Standard 180 since aside from the koa top/back and Brazzy board the two should be identical (if I'm lucky!) which would be amazing because that's still to date the best-sounding hum-equipped guitar I own! :D
    Yeaaaaah, bet he doesn't want that information floating around out there... :lol: He took that LACS that I owned previously and bought it for like $1200 or something and IMMEDIATELY listed it on eBay for $3K. :spock: Scruples... he has none. :noplease:

    I just love the flipping attempts he pulls on here, picks something up crazy cheap from either eBay or another forum and IMMEDIATELY throws it up for sale on here at 2-5x the price he just paid. :lol: Some people are obviously on to him, hence the slowdown in his sales, but it seems like as time goes on more and more people are seeing what a "great guy" he is to deal with... :rofl:
    Something funny I just found out today after looking up the completed auction for that RG Gold you pointed out was the same one engage bought using a little trick I picked up... he had it listed for $5500 on here... turns out his best offer is visible if you change the ".com" to ".ca" in the eBay URL! :lol: Guess how much he ACTUALLY paid? $2000 + $200 for shipping. :rofl:


    $2200 =/= $5500. Hilarious. :rofl: But seriously... not a shady seller... at... all... riiiiight. :ugh:
    Are there any left handed players who would love a Blackmachine B6?
    There is one in the pipeline - it'll be a while before it's anywhere near finished, but it'd be nice to know who would enjoy it.

    from FB
    Right on, it sounds like mine will be done this week and likely the same deal, waiting to ship until the following Monday to have it spend as little time sitting in a warehouse as possible! :yesway: Stoked for both of our NGD's, that faded cherry finish is DAMN sexy, and I only saw my koa top and back when it was sealed which was before he shot the caramel burst on top so I'm excited as hell to see it in person with the completed finish finally! :wub:
    Thorn. Hollowbody. DeLuxe. Yep, working on making it a reality, and Ron is simultaneously working on making me the the poorest member of SS.org! :lol: Maybe I can live in a teepee using the guitars as the support posts... I wouldn't even need this overrated house I own! :idea: :rofl:
    P.S. Aside from the pickups (and the obvious left-handedness :lol:), that thing is identical to my semi-hollow DeLuxe... you're in for a treat brother! :D I LOOOOOVE that guitar, Goldie still gets the lions share of my playing time but it's been slowly taking up more and more playing time! :lol: Great-sounding design with that hardtail and I'm sure the standard hums will sound glorious too! :wub: Post up lots of pics when you get it please! :yesway: I'll toss up some pics of the PRS whenever I get it, hopefully shipping soon... :lol:
    Good to hear, I cant wait for your review. My 2010 Vik was the best guitar I've played but I have not owned nearly as much high end stuff as you have so my bar isn't all that high, so your review will be much more accurate.
    No emails for me, I had emailed him about something else and didn't hear back, thinking he doesn't love me anymore. :( :rofl: I'm doubting mine is ready though, Ron's usually pretty good about giving me some last-minute progress shots as it hits the final stages of hardware and setup so my guess is you are just lucky getting ahead of mine! ;) It's all good, I'm not really sweating it over here, and my PS should be shipping out this week I believe so I'll be plenty busy until it's ready to roll anyway! :D
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