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  • Awesome. :D

    Well, Dan's a really resourceful guy but if he needs any help with the schtuff you know I'm versed in, I'd be more than happy to help. FWIW, I'll be anxiously waiting to see this thing move forward in the future, myself. Wicked design. :drool:

    Steve, Steve... we all know there's nothing practical about ERG players. :lol:

    The Ochoteco is an amazing looking guitar... looking forward to an extended review after you've had it for a while. Love the design of that and the quality looks top notch.

    So the custom's going to be an Oni, huh? Is it still retaining a lot of your original design or is Dan adding a little bit more of his flavor to things? Well, regardless she shall be beastly upon completion. :metal:
    So did i miss something while i was not psting much, but have you got the rest of your rig together yet or is there more you're waiting on?
    Man, that pic you put as DDDorian's avatar creeps the hell out of me :lol: DAMN YOU AND YOUR POWERS OF NINJA MOD!! :ninja:
    Since I don't want to derail the "Athiest bus ads" thread. I just wanted to say my comments were meant to be a joke. I guess I went at it a little half assed. Kinda hard to display sarcasm on the interwebs. :D
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