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  • just a curiosity question, dont answer if you dont want. how long are huf and stitch banned for? maybe i thought it was just temp. seems like forever.
    :lol: I thought those digitech's were digital? Anyway, will I be able to just play through some stereo speakers for now? And there isn't much difference between these and the 1101, yeah? Plus, you replaced your Engl E530 which also replaced the PodX3L so I'm guessing these GSP's are better than them. Fuck I want some good tones, without paying the extra bit for the metal shop and shit. Fuck Line6 :lol:
    Hey mate, I was thinking of grabbing Lee's GSP2101 to replace the PODXTL, what do you think? (I am just a bedroom shredder by the way :lol:, so I've been running the PODXTL through a pair of stereo speakers, though in the long run, I'd probably be grabbing a power amp and a 2x12 cab)
    Oh yeah... I remember you had it for sale recently. I don't think I'll be getting it, though... there are lots of stuff going on my life, and there's a strong chance I'll be spending 3 months in Italy. Not only is this stuff Italian, meaning I could probably acquire one for a nice price over there, but I'll probably sell my current amp. I was asking en extorsive price, and there are two people interested :lol:

    How much are you asking for the unit anyway?
    Hey man... thanks for the input in Joe's gsp thread; that was most helpful :yesway:

    What is this midi switcher of yours you're talking about? TBH, their prices are usually too steep for my budget, but hey, it never hurts to ask, heh? ;)
    Well the new laptop has arrived, so hopefully soon I'll have more of an idea just how "vital" I find it to own an actual amp. If I can start getting some good recorded stuff down, I think a large portion of my amp GAS will evaporate :yesway: ... I hope so anyway... :ugh:
    Yeah, awesome, cheers for that. I'll shop around and see what I can find. Just wanted to start a proper rack going :lol: (running a pod xtl into stereo speakers atm)
    Hey mate, what was that cab-like thing you used to run the ENGL E530 straight into?
    There's an E530, for a decent price on ebay at the moment, might wanna do the same sorta simple rig like yours before :lol:.

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