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  • The replies are not so much for JPhoenix19, but the folks sitting on the fence that might be swayed by the rational-sounding irrationality. Thanks for the +rep

    A month ago you posted in a thread of mine where you said that you wrote an article about ´being in the zone´ and falling out of it. (the thread about picking)

    I was wondering if this was a free to read online article, and if that is the case; would you mind linking it to me? Im quite interrested :)

    By the way I see your from Montpellier. I love that city :p

    tu m'avais demandé le site de mon luthier, et bien, voici un lien direct vers son site pas encore à jour, mais tu as plusieurs de ses réalisations acoustiques : Instruments Lamour: HarpGuitares, Guitares et autres instruments cordes sur mesures
    je tiens à t'avertir du fait qu'il a du prendre un boulot en plus de son activité de luthier pour pouvoir payer les factures, donc les délais de production ont un peu augmenté, mais bon, la qualité... la qualité
    they are meant for off road racing with small - medium jumps. they will handle bunny hops and such, but a full force curb run in will ruin the rims ;)
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