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  • Hey there eaeolian, sorry that apparently annoyed you so much, wasn't trying to spam anyone. What did I post it like twice, not sure that constitutes spamming, but whateva. I'm never on so you won't see much of me. Shred on duder!
    One guy said "I forgot to sign it, but I neg repped you." So I neg repped him back saying "Who gives a fuck about neg rep? - ZEBOV" I neg repped him because he gives a fuck, so hopefully he's butthurt that he got negged. My rep on Xbox Live is negative as fuck, and it doesn't affect my experience on there at all.
    I think I have a problem with.... addiction. The public ban list is so good, but it got me banned for a day, and caused all sorts of problems with my family and friends and they all sat down in the living room with me and told me how much they love me and stuff and they want to see me end my addiction to the public ban list.
    Seriously though, I still found it funny. I was/am very much under the influence of caffeine and I've been up for 6 days straight now. I totally deserved that.
    Keep kicking ass, sir!
    Things went GREAT. Sorry it took me a while to respond. We're in the middle of moving and just got the cable hooked up today. That was definitely something to cross off of my "bucket list". lol I totally understand the family obligations thing. I've got a 6 year old daughter and a wife that considers a late night out anything past 10:00. They put up with my wannabe rock star shit , so it's all good. :-D
    LOL awesome April Fool's Joke putting your Jackson CS 7 in the classifieds. I totally fell for it too and was wondering what brand you were switching to.
    You guys were GREAT last night ! I unfortunately didn't have a ton of time to talk , as my wife came down with us and wasn't handling a night of all out metal too well. I really hope we can play together again some time !
    By chance, did you see the pics I posted of my SLATM-TA in the members guitar section? I was wondering, you being a Jackson endorser and player, if you have ever seen another like it?
    I have only seen 3 that were close. 1 in the Jackson catalog from that year, 1 on Ebay, and 1 on Youtube. All three of those had standard sized humbuckers though.
    Mine is the only one I've ever seen with the SM-3 and SM-2 combo.
    i didnt even think of it, your area,your age, i bet you have seen some of the most awesome fucking shows in history!!!!!!!!!
    Hey, Mike
    I say you banned some people for thread bumping? Not to flame you or anything but what is wrong with it? If it's old thread or what not?
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