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  • I might be throwing a down payment on one of those fanned kxks. I remember you had a fanned 9 (or more?), how do you like the fans, are there any techniques you can't really do as well as you would on a normal guitar? Any other issues? Thanks for answering my redundant questions, once I get it I'll let you play it :p
    Hi there! I'm taking some time to have a thorough listen to what you suggested. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find any physical CD in music stores in my town. So far, it's amazing, it's really making my mind follow different paths, in trying to approach and relate to it.
    I wonder what notation is used, as the one I know doesn't seem to fit too well.
    Thanks again!
    I see they're only kids! And they look like they're having a great time too. I don't have a FaceBook account, I'll try to get someone lend me one. I think I only heard something similiar by Geinoh Yamashirogumi a couple years ago, but I wasn't nearly as struck. Could you reccommend me any good composer/composition?
    awesome, man! I'd love to see a fanned fret transtremmed headless, like those Kleins. Nah haven't found one yet, still looking. I had two leads but they where both a bit too trashed, even though they were great prices.
    Strangely I've never heard of the shop! I lived in E.Van..broken into twice in 6 mths! Now I'm in Coq...yard, jam space. Great setup. Maybe I'll stop by the shop or a show :yesway:

    Heh, I had a project that was stricken with a few too many problems and never got gigging...a lot fell on me. Regardless, that fell apart months ago. imo the best thing I've done since then is join ss.org

    I have a few old takes of rehearsals on soundclick. Since none of it was polished, I've never really shown anyone. Still, feel free to check out SoundClick artist: sunbasket - page with MP3 music downloads and SoundClick artist: Giganticus - Giganticus hits you for 1024 damage (physical). You miss. Giganticus hits you for 2048 damage (cru . If you can pardon the horrid vocals (he's long gone) and clipping of death (small room w/ a pocket recorder) it might be a bit fun... :lol:
    Hey Durero, thanks much for the add man. Yep, Vancouver-based dude here. Just starting to breathe in the atmosphere here. Your projects are fucking awesome! And somehow you squeeze in Gamelan Gita Asmara?
    I'm really excited to see what you make, man, I've been fascinated by the raven for years.

    The single string pickups, are you going for some kind of stereo output? Kind of like the old Kramer Ripleys? I really like the idea single string pickups, sounds awesome.
    hey leo,
    i figured you would be busy my man hahaha that's going to be a historical achievement for sure. and oni is coming along, almost done i hope lol all good things to those who wait right?
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