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  • She's pretty awesome. We got her from the Animal Welfare League though, shes 5, and we think that she hasnt lived with cats before :ugh: so they're not really getting along that well :lol: We also think she may have been used for breeding, as she has a hernia (which is getting operated on asap) and a stretched belly from puppies :wub:
    Nah its an actual switch, so its either stuck on, or its stuck off. No holding necessairy :D Its the only reason itll be possible without spending more than a few dollars.

    Yeah the kittehs are great :D We got a dog the other day too, little miniature Daschund. Theyre ok until the cats move, and our big fat grey one chased the dog the other day! Funniest fucking thing ive ever seen :rofl:
    Yay! :) Im getting a capacitor and trying to convert my killswitch on the 6 string to a 2 way tone switch :metal: I look forward to having the amp at a half decent volume thats for sure. Im also pretty sure you'll be the single best player present :lol:
    Hows things these days man? You reckon you'll make it down to jam on the Queen's birthday weekend?
    I feel ya man, I've been working between 10 and 12 hours every day for about 3 months straight now. :( Hopefully things will be a little less hectic for the both of us soon, eh? :D
    How's it going Dan? Haven't seen you online for a while, still feeling okay bro? :) My Thorn is supposed to hit paint today, woot! :wub:
    Oh shit man, sorry to hear that! :( Now that you know what it is, is there anything you can do to relieve it? :scratch: That really sucks though, I hope you feel better on the chop-chop bro! :wub: Any fun projects in the pipeline? I knew as soon as I posted the carbon fiber Thorn that you'd dig it, I can't wait to play it in an hour! :D I'll report back on tone and feel too, but knowing Ron's work and his words about it that it's going to be phenomenal. I still want an Oni with the carbon fiber twill in the worst way... :(
    Dan, thanks a lot for your lutherie comments :agreed: much appreciated! (I know I ask a lot..)
    What a sweet cat; got a nasty habit, though.. ;)
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