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    I treasure the data on your sites. Thank you. But in case if you need any help related to post offices for business then try this >> insidefranchising.com.au/post-offices-for-sale.php
    sorry man. yeah one of mine in the pic (darius-the grey cat) disappeared a couple months ago. dont know what happened-no closure. on the bright side we found a stray while looking for him. the new kitten is shaping up to be a great pet. peace!
    The irony of the situation is that it does feel good to have six strings again but my hand is actually so knackered I can't do very much on them :lol: (not to mention how much I've forgotten over the years - heck, even my picking has gone to pot ^^).

    Still, I won't deny that having the ability to actually play is nice :)
    Cool, I might have a spare ticket lying around...
    Akercocke are playing this Friday, you can't be missing that one!
    Haha, you're making me think I'm really old now.
    I've been at my current job for over two years now, feels odd. I went through about three jobs in a year and a half after I graduated.
    BTW. Are you going to Paradise Lost's London gig next month?
    I am sorry to hear that man. :( My kitties left me recently too and now I want another. You know he lived the most metal of lives though. A cat like that is NOTHING but pure brootal awesomeness. :)
    Yarp! Should be here Tuesday but sadly I only have a Zoom G2.1u and a tiny Fender Champ to try it through. That said of course, I suspect it's going to sound fine given the quality of the build so I'll just get my head down and concentrate on getting my chops back in shape after....well....a LONG time away from the instrument.

    Really would like a fixed bridge 7 but I can get an Agile after Xmas ^^
    Aha, good guess. It is indeed a LAG when it arrives :)

    It looks exactly like this, without the covered pups. Hopefully my fragile left hand can put up with the action long enough to get some serious rehabilitation achieved:

    Thanks for the Birthday Greetings! :)

    Nice to hear you're also getting ahead in life amigo - perhaps things are taking an upward trajectory for a change. There should also be a NGD for me this week but I'm unsure if I should post it here or not....it doesn't have 7 strings....and is French! :D
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