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  • May thou be greeteth Kevin,
    here is Stan Bernolak from Slovakia. I just found out that this is your nick here on SS.org and .. honestly, I lost all my words. There is really so much I want to tell you, because you are without any doubts musician that inspired me music-wise through last few years. In this time I discovered avant-garde segments of music and I keep returning to band where you participate like Gorguts or Dysrhythmia, as well as your solo projects, which I really enjoy. someone once said that everything that man knows can be said in three words .. my three words for you are "Thank you Kevin" .. if you wish, add me on FB, you will find me there under the name that was given to me after my birth (so no nicknames or anything like that) - Stanislav Bernolák. and also, please, if you dont mind, tell Colin, that also his work has influenced me significantly during part years and that I am very grateful for everything he is duing in music, thank you in advance.

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