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  • Yep. I wanted to change it for a while, but never did since Alex wasn't as active as he is now. So now that he is paying more attention to the site, I finally went ahead and made the change.

    Yeah it would take a lot to get me to leave here entirely.
    hey sorry for disturbance but I sold my 8 string and got the agile interceptor pro 727 and i just got it yesterday and ther's alot of frett buzz. should I let it sit out for a day or 2 because i did that with my 8 string and the frett buzz went away.
    hey man what's up!! could you explain to me how I would drop every string on my Damien 8 down a whole step?that would be helpful because I don't have a chromatic tuner yet:( and if it helps I tune my guitar using the app called Accutune. The correct tuning from the 8 string to the first would be DADGCFAD right?If you don't know how to drop it down a whole step that will be okay,but PLEASE HELP!!!:)
    what do you mean by investment. ohh yeagh I checked your band out. reminds me of like slayer kind of.
    wait im probally gonna get the 30 but cant i change the channels with a push of a button?
    but if i bought the 15 would there still be alot of distortion on the 7 and 8 string? and did you get your 8 yet??
    do you think i could buy the line 6 iv 15?? with the pedal or would it be better if i bought the 30??
    hey man, remember me?:) I ended up getting the schecter damien elite 8 for about 525$ on amazon! im probally going to buy like a peavey vypyr 30 watt or maybe a roland cube 40xl
    Hey man, I just noticed your post in my guitarist ad.
    Yeah, we're still looking for someone!
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