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  • Yeah, those are Blackouts. :) They sound awesome too. haha I like to use 10-46 Elixir Nanowebs.
    Absolutely, the FB100 is perfect for that kind of thing. Sounds just like what the dr ordered :)
    Yes I'll be working on audio clips for all my products, however I have to tell you, relying on audio clips of anything for research is counter-productive. They're never really flattering or accurate. I've yet to hear a FB100 clip that didn't sound terrible. Not to mention you can't get a sense of its responsiveness in clips. There are just infinite variables in play which ensures any clip you hear will not sound anything like what you'd hear if you were trying it through your own guitar, with your own technique, in your own room, etc.

    The Fireball 100 is a sick, sick, amp. If you email me or call me and let me know what kind of sound you're going for, I can certainly let you know if the FB100 is the best fit or if not, recommend something else. Naturally I have a return policy too, so you could try the Fireball 100 without worrying about being stuck with it if you dont like it.

    Clips are fun, but 99.9% of them are amateur and unrealistic.
    To be honest man your set up is more than enough to pull off some great shit. In fact, your set up is better than mine is at the moment because I've just sold off a ton of shit :lol:
    Hey mang! The new version of No More Room In Hell just has 2 rhythm guitars, 100% L/R.

    As for the leads - one straight down the middle, and any harmonies i have doubled up, and put L/R at about 25%, so it gets out of the way of the rhythms and sounds really full. I don't do that all the time though, just for that song really. Usually, if i want to harmonise, I'll do one guitar against the main one down the center, at a slightly lower volume.

    Hope that helps man!
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