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  • Sorry for the delay man. I am ashamed to say that both the RG 470 and the SDX are both still unfinished. I've had like no time to work on them and then soldering has been killing me. I literally just realized that the tip on my iron is crazy corroded which is probably the reason why I can't get it right. I've never had problems like this before, but it's pretty obvious when you look at it. I haven't gotten the chance to hit up radio shack yet to get a new tip, but hopefully within days.
    How's the baby?!?
    Shit sorry i missed this. I just got an itaste vv battery...its great! Sbould have bought it long ago. Used to get the cheap ego batteries but they always broke and turns out did not vape nearly as well as this itaste vv battery.

    For tanks, i still use the aspire bdc and also the kanger. Both have replaceable coils aNd work great. Again sorry for delayed response. Let me know if you have more questions
    It's funny how on a guitar website we find others whose lives are just as complicated and poetic as our own. I hope your move works out well for you- believe in yourself and things get easier. All the trials and tribulations happen for a reason- some kind of reason- if not perhaps for ourselves, then maybe for someone else who we can help. Keep the faith, stay clean and lve that little baby with all your might! I'll expect an NBD thread! :)
    I know the feeling. Three kids, two ex wives- number one getting remarried, trying to work things out with number two. Life ain't easy, but if you let it, those moments can be sweet beyond words. :)
    Great name! Kids are awesome- got three myself- they just take a lot of work. There will plenty to keep you busy. Sleep every chance you get!
    Not too bad. It's been pretty cold where I'm at and I work outside but I just try to keep on. Have you thought of a name for the baby?
    Basswood is soft, but not so soft that you can slice through it easily. It's more like it's a bit nerve wrecking when you are chiseling/dremeling near a thin part on the body. I should have drilled first and then went at it. The chisel on basswood is a bit harsh.
    How is your mod work going? Get that Nazgul installed yet?
    I think I figured out my hand problem. My wife and I co-sleep with our twins and we switch off through the night so she can nurse who ever is being fussy. They end up in ridiculous positions and I'm usually on the edge of the bed. I apparently tend to fall asleep with my head resting on my fist and that causes some insane cramping and tension. I felt like my hand was paralyzed the other night when I woke up and immediately realized that I do it all the time. I haven't slept on it in about 4 nights and I'm noticing a difference even when I'm playing my 7. Stoked to have that figured out.
    Just realized I've been sleeping on this a bit. I'm a few days into my two week break and hoping to get all my general house work stuff done so I can have that 470 finally finished. Got side tracked with a possible moving situation, but that fell through. I'm itching on that.
    Seriously, the difference between insane fret buzz and amazing low action is about a quarter turn on the truss rod, sometimes less. A flat neck is just barely off from the amount of bow you need.
    Floyds are a black hole until you really sit down and find a source that knows what they're talking about. I can't imagine what the set ups are like on some of these guitars that kids are buying for their first if it has a Floyd. I use a sock instead of the wood block. Works perfectly.
    Glad the PUP swap went smoothly. I just finished the reroute on my SDX (thread posted in the luthier section) went chisel and dremel. HUGE pain in the ass. Puts the 470 stuff into perspective a bit.
    SDX will be reassembled tomorrow. The D Activator 7 should be here mid-week which will get the RG7620 done quickly. If all things go as planned I might be staining the 470 next weekend.
    We'll see...
    How to Floyd Rose setup in 2 minutes. The Frudua Way - - YouTube
    Got some work done on my projects today. The SDX isn't worth posting on till it's done. I'm being a little sloppier than I would have otherwise since I'm venturing outside of my comfort zone a bit. I feel braver since it's a lower end guitar. Plays awesome though. With the new PUPs it should sound the part too.
    Ordered that Dimarzio D Activator 7 yesterday too with a killer ebay deal.
    Just saw your thread on modding that Schecter and posted on it. Some of the mods are pretty easy, they just look intimidating at first. That slew of wiring is one of those things.
    Also, I was all about blocking trems until I learned to set them up properly. I don't know if you have the same issues, but I was a die hard on TOMs and always gave my other guitarist hell over Floyds. It would take him at least an hour to change the strings and with locking tuners/TOM, it'd take me five minutes. But since I learned about setting up Floyds correctly, tuning stability and string life are incredible. And it takes me about 15 minutes instead.
    Green and bare get soldered to the pot housing.
    Red and white get soldered together and taped (I used shrink tube)
    Black goes to the pot input.
    As long as you have that SD route you should be good. My Ibanez was routed for Dimarzios. My SDX is a single coil that I'm opening up for a humbucker. So my cheapest guitar is getting the most work done. I'm pretty fine with that.
    Cutting the tabs is the easiest thing to do. As long as you have some decent snips it takes less than a minute. You could probably even take the pickup to the hardware store to "try them out".
    Shimming the neck was an easy solution. It just unfortunately turned out like a short cut and that's not working long term.
    The muscle problem is probably the best case scenario. I was worried that it was the tendon and that seems like a bigger problem. It's not a huge issue, it just limits a little bit.
    What pups are you putting in the Schecter?
    I think the Nazgul is a solid pickup, I'm just not happy with the set up that I have on that guitar right now and I think that's contributing to my unease. I'm having some muscle issues in my fretting hand so slightly lighter string gauges help my playing tremendously right now. I don't feel I've done the pickup justice yet, but it's getting there. Those mods should be quick, but I've already got two guitars taken apart right now.
    Charvels are awesome. There's a Sam Ash out here that has a NOS San Dimas for $600. MIJ from 2010. With hardshell case. If red was a color I'd consider, I would've gone in debt for that one...
    That new blueburst San Dimas though? Damn that thing is hot.
    The Nazgul is solid. I think I'd like to tweak it a little, but the biggest thing about that guitar is that I shimmed the neck to make the Nazgul fit, but I'm not digging the set up right now. I'm about to route out my Jackson SDX to refinish it in the shadow of a So Cal with a Duncan Distortion bridge. After that I'll take the dremel to the RG 7620 and do a proper set up and probably will swap the 500 meg pot for a 1K to see how that brightens up the tone.
    Also jumping to some lighter strings which will make it a bit more playable and I'll get a more accurate sound.
    I've got passive fever. I'm putting a distortion in the SDX and the looming RG 470 refinish is getting a Black Winter. I need more time!!
    How's your path through "old man" (ha!) guitars going? I was admiring the look and finish on some American Standard Fenders today. Oh boy..
    You're gonna be a dad? Congrats bro! When is the baby due?

    And the housing market is pretty good for buyers. Interest rates are low. And I just bought a new house in Oak Grove. Close on it in September.
    Hey man. I am on call for work this weekend. So I spent a majority of yesterday and today at the hospital working.
    What you been up to?
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