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  • Ah man, about 5 months ago, yeah I most likely would have been your buyer haha, but 7s just aint for me anymore bud. :/

    For $600 though, I can't see it sticking around for long haha.
    That's a bummer, he said he would let me know if he ever went to sell it. Ah well, I'm in the middle of selling off gear to pay for two surgeries I just had so I can't really buy anything anyway. :(
    Should be a great combo! I went with both blazes just because I always go Evo 7 with Ibby swaps and figured the Blaze bridge is a little less hot and compressed so it sounds a bit more musical as a result. The Evo is awesome for the tight ass metal rhythm stuff though so it was a tough decision. :lol:
    Noice man, congrats! :yesway: As far as the stock pickup sounding like a specific real DiMarzio, no idea honestly. :lol: It sounds pretty good for a stock pickup (and being a generic "designed by ____" pickup at that) although like I mentioned in my NGD post the bobbins they used appear to be the same for both the neck and bridge pickups so the pole pieces don't line up 100% with the strings on the neck pickup. As far as it affecting the tone it doesn't seem to be hurting much, but it was something I noticed once I had mine in-hand. That being said, $150 for a set of real DiMarzios is an easy fix since I know the neck and bridge pickups are designed to land where they should on the real deal. :lol: I'm still enjoying it stock for the time being, I won't be sitting down to do the pickup swap until March anyways so it's not a biggie as far as I'm concerned right now. :D
    I have a Rogue lx205b 5 string bass, not the best..but it's a 34 in. scale and not sure what strings to get that sound good in A tuning without sounding bad.
    Not bad man. I am a full time student too, but I also work full time so I can spend some on gear.

    My wish list at this time-

    Various PRSi
    ESP Horizon FR-7
    ESP M-II Camo
    Jackson RR1
    Suhr Modern Silver Drip
    Music Man JPXI
    Vigier Excalibur Original

    As for a stratty guitar, a Suhr, Anderson or Thorn would do you just fine man.
    So, new best friend....:lol:

    What guitars do you have? Just curious as you seem to have good taste with ESP, PRS, Music Man, Suhr ect
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