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  • Hi , I saw that you know how to get alnico 8 magnets for 7 strings pickups ,
    so I am interested to get some .

    Fabrice ( from France )
    Yeah, I'll bet! I played a Hellraiser 7 and only then did I finally know what it was like like to have a baseball bat for a neck :lol: so if the ATX 7 neck is anything like that, I can relate. I'm asking because I'm kind of on the fence between the MH307 if I can score a good price and a Interceptor Pro 725... which most likely destroys it in comparison but the only thing I have to compare in quality with is my ATX 6 which I'll be selling to fund my first seven.
    Yeah, that is a killer guitar ! I had a blue burst one that I sold to a friend and am currently trying to buy back, its more like the white one in the pic below. Do you know Guitarslingerans on the ESP board ?
    Thanks! :yesway:

    I'd REALLY like to find a white one like this :


    Nice funky profile thing :lol: just thought I'd say that since it caught my attention
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