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  • Not going to be able to make it this year, unfortunately.

    Best of luck to you and Brev, though. Dude's a beast.

    Make sure to post some videos. :metal:
    I'll be hitting the grocery store more than the McDee's this year, hopefully :D
    Well better safe than sorry.

    We get everything but hurricanes up here, blizzards, ice storms, tornadoes and all sorts of joyous weather. So I know all about the weather causing lots of trouble.
    That's great the new drummer is working out. :hbang:

    So is Ike any threat to you guys? Have any of the hurricanes hit you guys so far?
    I haven't heard bumpkis since I talked to him last. :shrug:

    A bunch of us are heading to Detroit to check out another brother's band, Justdefy in Oct. That should rock pretty hard.

    How's your band going? How's the recording?
    No, I don't play out every weekend, though I'd like to. I have an RG570 "tribute" that is set up like a DNA.
    Hi crystal thats great that you found a drummer. The competition was awesome overall I came in 2nd but for the freestyle I came in 1st and yup it was in Brazil and I did take the protein shakes with me they're awesome. Has your band posted any new songs on myspace? I gotta go I'm DJ'ing tonight again I'll talk to you later.
    Hey crystal whats up? I saw your blog on a website thats awesome, does your band have any shows coming up?
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