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  • hey dude, saw your post about needing help with 2228 set up. pm MaxOfMetal he's helped me alot.
    HI Crucified my name is Joseph well Im writing you this cause I really need a suggestion from you please me with my dilemma.
    Im looking for an Amazing Left handed 7 string guitar so then I´ve been considering to order a guitar from a luthier... possibilities
    Sherman 7
    Blackdroid 7
    Blackmachine B7
    KXK sii-7
    Ran Cruiser 7
    Concklin custom 7
    Grossman Fly 7 or maybe a Custom 7 Mihu´s Lance
    Melancon Regius 7
    The idea is that I wanted to be the Ultimate lefth handed 7 string guitar

    I want it to play mostly Melodic death metal (Scar Symmetry, In flames, Soilwork, Sybreed, etc) some gothic (Unsun, Nightwish), and some metalcore (Killswitch Engage, Threat signal):shred:
    For that specifications Firstly which WOOD Combinations would you recommend me?? I was considering Mahogany with Carve top or maybe not or maybe Swamp Ash, Walnut,..... Mahogany neck, Mahogany/maple I don´t know....:scratch:
    which pickups...? Bare Knuckle Warpigs, Painkiller, Cold Sweat, Nailbomb, Lundgren M7.........:spock:
    PLease Help me out...:scream:

    Which guitar/wood combination/pickup would you suggest me? please ....
    yea! big fernwood was the place

    I dont' play in any bands here. when i first moved here i was playing Bass with HoA but it didn't work out (couldn't practice the material properly). Nowadays, i just record stuff at home whenever i get time.
    hey i seen your band play once at that multicultural center quite a few months back.

    HoA and unleash the archers i think.
    Van was losing it's appeal for me, and my lady lives there...the classic condition. It's a decent middle ground between van life and quesnel life.
    Yo dude, didn't see your message until today. I moved to Kamloops and haven't had internet access since. I'll be back on come the new year, moving to a new place with internet.

    How're things treatin you anyway man? Any new Sherman's come to you that I mighta missed?

    Merry Christmas
    Hey dude, was gonna rep you for the "ZZounds" thread, but apparently ive given you too much... *curses interwebz*. Thanks for some understanding tho dude, cos clearly he doesnt have any... and call centres are hard lol!
    do you still have your rg2228 for sale? I have a mesa boogie 3 channel tripple text. Head I'd be willing to trade if your interested.
    you know, for having a dead profile picture, and being covered with drugs, and having music, your bands myspace is awfully cute and happy go lucky and cheery :lol:
    that sucks dude, get better soon!

    i spent some quality time with my acoustic today - hot damn.
    hey kevin, any chance of recording a snazzy clean clip with that les paul of yours? :D
    Kevin, I want to jam the RG8 and those awesome amps you have. Fuck, why I have to live so damn far.
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