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  • Yah the fish is awesome. Its so responsive to the power amp and inherits its sound qualities. Its also responsive to overdrive like a mofo. Im smashing the front end with a fortin grind pedal and/or cascading a clean drive mk413 > fortin grind == crazy metal tone.

    My fish actuall has two brown channels. The strato channel was mod'd by bogner for the second brown. Its a little less compressed and open sounding... A notiable comparision would be with the blue channel on a 5153. Very close in feel and vibe.

    I blame Go Set a Watchman.

    It's okay, it's actually my middle name, my first is Matthew. So I'm well hosed about unique names...
    That's pretty rad! I'm doing aite with them, but I just kinda mess around with them, haven't delved very deep.

    I need to get a good tremolo set up, I love a good trem effect.
    Eeeeexcellent :D

    Probably no sale, but you never know, and someone on the Gear forum might pop one up.

    I almost never get really sweet deals like that, usually I see them, miss them, and then bite the next normal or higher one, so another :fawk: for good measure :lol:
    Yep :D

    I wasn't necessarily looking to do it soon, but then a pretty good deal popped up here for a MkI Axe-II AND a MkI MFC101 for what I'm seeing the individual IIs go for mostly, so I pounced. I've actually had the II for a month or two but only got around to setting it up two weeks ago.
    sweet. it's pretty late, I'll check yours out tomorrow. could try starting a thread!
    awesome, congrats dude! I graduated from University of Virginia undergrad in '12, and since August I've been at VMDO Architects: Innovative Design for K-12 and Higher Education. Imagine I'm looking at grad school in ~2.5 years, no idea where yet.
    I mostly use that amp for clean tones. I use a parallel chorus/delay set up into a compressor. I read elsewhere on the web that that tube will improve the clean sound as well as the gain. Certainly worth a try for $12! :)
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