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  • Darn... I noticed I forgot "BROTHER!" and/or "Well ya know Mean Gene..." somewhere in my rep that I just repped you with, so add that in somewhere.
    Great find! Yes, it's these little gems of 'wtf' on the internet that remind us the best things in life don't make sense or serve a purpose. Thanks for this. :)

    Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to help an obese woman stuff herself with apples to the ghost of Edgar Varèse until she is sliced open from behind with a kris and the souls of said apples, made whole again, come flying out so the whole process can repeat itself. :frantic: :nuts:
    So good. The music, the animation. Pure beauty indeed. Were you involved in its creation somehow? I've been feeding that fatty apples for an hour after I clicked the link in your sig.
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